Dr Oz: Mulberry Sugar Blocker + Where to Buy Dried Mulberries & Tea

By on September 30, 2013

Dr Oz: White Mulberry Benefits

Dr Oz has found yet another health superfood that you are going to see on store shelves wherever you buy healthy foods. In the past, you have heard about chia seeds, tart cherry juice, and coconut oil. Now you can add another fabulous food to the list: the White Mulberry. He recommended consuming Dried Mulberries or Mulberry Tea. Find out why!

Dr Oz: Mulberry Madness at the Health Food Store

Leslie, a Dr Oz fan, said she loves Dr Oz’s discoveries, and even uses coconut oil on her face. She was excited to try this latest recommendation: White Mulberry.

You can look for Dried Mulberry Berries, which Leslie said taste like “nutty raisins.” Dr Oz said the sweetness is more akin to a fig. White Mulberries are antioxidant rich, which is good for the heart.

Dr Oz: Pancreas Causes Diabetes

Dr Oz: Mulberry Sugar Blocker + Where to Buy Dried Mulberries & Tea

Dr Oz said that the nutritious Mulberry will be the next big thing at your health food store, because it can block sugar from being absorbed in the body.

But even more surprising are the benefits of White Mulberry Leaves. You have heard a lot from Dr Oz about sugar and diabetes. But even if you are not one of the one in three who is affected by Diabetes or Pre-Diabetes, you should think about sugar in your body.

When you eat a candy bar, it travels to the stomach, where the liver absorbs sugar, turning it to fat around the belly, hips, or thighs. Plus, the pancreas is making extra insulin and could burn out. When it can no longer keep up, you could develop diabetes.

Mulberry has a magic bullet that has Dr Oz excited for health food fans. He invoked the old song about the mulberry bush as an excuse to put Leslie into a weasel costume.

Dr Oz: Mulberry Sugar Blocker

Sugar can make a mess for the body to clean up by trying to absorb it. Sugar can end up in the bloodstream, which leads to the concerns around the pancreas and insulin.

But adding the Mulberry into the mix blocks sugar from entering the bloodstream, sending it instead into your poop and out of the body. This could be a huge change.

“I love when foods can cure us,” Dr Oz said, because this is something medications cannot accomplish.

Dr Oz: Mulberries Protein & Fiber

You might like a lot of sweet fruits, including:

  • Raisins
  • Dates
  • Mango
  • Pineapple
  • Figs
  • Cranberries

But you can replace these dried fruits with the Mulberry due to its other nutritional advantages. When we think of protein, we tend to think of meats or sources like soy. What you may be surprised to learn is that Dried Mulberries are high in protein, offering about four grams (half as much as an almond).

Mulberries are also high in fiber, with nearly 1/4 of the recommended daily amount of fiber your body needs. Also, Dried Mulberries are low in sugar. At just 18 grams of sugar per serving, they make a great snack that is not too sweet.

Dr Oz: Where To Buy Dried Mulberries

Dr Oz said that Dried Mulberries are in health food stores for about $5 per bag. He thinks it will be the next big thing at health food stores everywhere.

Dr Oz: Mulberry Tea

You can also buy Mulberry Tea, which has the sugar blocking benefits Dr Oz mentioned. He is a big fan of tea, and he suggested drinking Mulberry Tea with meals, especially if those meals are high in sugar.

Find Mulberry Tea in stores and online for about $6. Leslie loved the light taste of the tea. Dr Oz said you might have to look for “sugar controller tea” or “mixed leaf teas” at your health food store if you can’t find Mulberry Tea.

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Comments to Dr Oz: Mulberry Sugar Blocker + Where to Buy Dried Mulberries & Tea

  1. Christine Day says:

    How many mulberries should be eaten daily? I don’t think he gave an amount.

  2. I found dried mulberries at the local grocery store for $12 not $5

  3. Let’s not forget that he specifically mentions the white mulberry leaves as having the compound to help slow down the absorption of sugars.

  4. Cheryl Courtright says:

    I found dried white mulberries at a local Turkish market. It was pre packaged and $6.99 per pound. Try local middle eastern or Chinese markets.

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