Dr Oz: Mulberry Sugar Blocker + Where to Buy Dried Mulberries & Tea


Dr Oz: White Mulberry Benefits

Dr Oz has found yet another health superfood that you are going to see on store shelves wherever you buy healthy foods. In the past, you have heard about chia seeds, tart cherry juice, and coconut oil. Now you can add another fabulous food to the list: the White Mulberry. He recommended consuming Dried Mulberries or Mulberry Tea. Find out why!

Dr Oz: Mulberry Madness at the Health Food Store

Leslie, a Dr Oz fan, said she loves Dr Oz’s discoveries, and even uses coconut oil on her face. She was excited to try this latest recommendation: White Mulberry.


  1. says

    Let’s not forget that he specifically mentions the white mulberry leaves as having the compound to help slow down the absorption of sugars.

  2. Cheryl Courtright says

    I found dried white mulberries at a local Turkish market. It was pre packaged and $6.99 per pound. Try local middle eastern or Chinese markets.

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