Dr. Oz: Natural Solutions for Congestion & Simple Remedy for Coughing


Dr. Oz: Natural Solution for Congestion

Dr. Oz talked about the 10-second solutions for colds on his show. Laura was the first one with a solution and she had a natural solution for a chest congestion. But when she was growing up in the 70s, she and her mom used a humidifier with eucalyptus oil to loosen up congestion.


  1. Lorna Gunningham says

    I had pneumonia six months ago and the doctor wanted me to take predinasone. I did not want to take that drug because of the awful side effects. I came home and looked up natural solutions on the internet. On a Honey blog some said they used 1tbl honey in a cup of coffee works as well if not better, so I tried it. Three weeks into it my lung were clear, but I had a car accident and broke three ribs, they told me to make sure I did the deep breathing excersizes because of the possibilities to get pneumonia again. I kept up with the honey & coffee and am breathing well. Besides that my sugar level is 85, before that I was borderline diabetic. Honey is a miracle.

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