Dr. Oz: New Evidence Shows Probiotics Can Help To Lower Blood Pressure


Dr. Oz: What Is Blood Pressure?

Dr. Oz talked on his show about a new study with a new method to lower blood pressure. First, it’s important to understand what high blood pressure is. Normal blood pressure is under 120/80, pre-hypertension is above 120/80, and hypertension is 140/90.

Dr. Oz: Probiotics Lower Blood Pressure

Dr. Oz: New Evidence Shows Probiotics Can Help To Lower Blood Pressure

Dr. Oz talked about a new study that shows taking probiotics can greatly help with lowering blood pressure in patients with hypertension. (Africa Studio / Shutterstock.com)



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    After your show about Probiotics, I went to the Health food store and bought a bottle of Maxzorb total Digestion Probiotics. My blood Pressure has been a bit high 114/82 75 that was around 7:35 AM. I took 2 pills after my evening meal around 3:30 PM, I waited about 2 hours then I took my blood Pressure again. It was 115/72 73. That is a drop of one point on the Systolic and ten points on the Diastolic. can it change that much, That fast by just taking to pills? I forgot to say the Probiotics are 50 Billion CFU/g. Thank you from Raelene Moyer.

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