Dr Oz: Organic Foods Can Balance Hormones & Eat Olives To Burn Fat


Dr Oz: Dancing Improves Mood

Dr. Oz and Dr. Natasha Turner discussed the different hormone types with a quiz to help you determine your hormone type so you can take control of your body. Which hormone type are you?

Dr Oz: Holy Basil Improves Blood Sugar

Now that you know your hormone type you can work to restore the various hormones that are important to your body’s everyday functioning. Dr. Natasha Turner explained that if you are a hungry hormone type, you need to restore hormones like insulin and cortisol, but the problem is that when we are low in these hormones we tend to do everything wrong. She said people often over exercise and skip meals, which just makes the problem even worse. Here is one way you can balance your insulin and cortisol levels:

  • Holy Basil – Dr. Turner explained that holy basil is common in Asian cooking, but she often recommends it in tea or supplement form. It will help to improve your blood sugar and get your appetite under control.

Dr Oz: Rhodiola Restores Happy Hormones

Dr Oz: Organic Foods Can Balance Hormones & Eat Olives To Burn Fat

Dr Natasha Turner said that making love helps to balance your hormones and lower your stress!

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