Dr Oz Organic Grocery List: Foods Without Pesticides & Produce List


Dr Oz: Organic Shopping List

Dr Oz’s Organic Produce test found there were many more pesticides in traditional foods than organic food options. That’s why Dr Oz is recommending we make the switch. He knows what you’re going to say: it’s more expensive. But Dr Oz and pediatrician Dr Alan Greene shared their Organic Shopping List of the most important foods to find organic.

Dr Oz Organic Food List: Blueberries

Dr Oz said he starts each day with blueberries. Dr Greene agreed that whatever you eat the most of is where you should start organic. That’s because the small amounts of pesticides in your favorite foods can really start to add up in the body if you eat them routinely.


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    I really liked Alicia s workout routine at the end of the show. How can I find it on YouTube?

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