Dr Oz Organic Grocery List: Foods Without Pesticides & Produce List

By on October 4, 2012

Dr Oz: Organic Shopping List

Dr Oz’s Organic Produce test found there were many more pesticides in traditional foods than organic food options. That’s why Dr Oz is recommending we make the switch. He knows what you’re going to say: it’s more expensive. But Dr Oz and pediatrician Dr Alan Greene shared their Organic Shopping List of the most important foods to find organic.

Dr Oz Organic Food List: Blueberries

Dr Oz said he starts each day with blueberries. Dr Greene agreed that whatever you eat the most of is where you should start organic. That’s because the small amounts of pesticides in your favorite foods can really start to add up in the body if you eat them routinely.

In frozen Blueberries, 28% of samples contained organophosphates, the pesticides linked to ADHD. It’s also hard to wash the pesticide off the berries.

Dr Oz Organic List: Peaches

Dr Oz Organic Grocery Shopping List: Blueberries & Potatoes

Dr Oz’s organic grocery list can help you decide which foods are most important to buy organic on your next shopping trip.

Peaches are at a higher risk for pesticide contamination when they are young and the skin is thin. This means pesticides penetrate inside the fruit. Some have tested positive for up to 50 pesticides.

Dr Oz Organic Strawberries

Why are strawberries one of the foods Dr Oz and Dr Greene say you should buy organic? Because they’re grown low to the ground, they’re more susceptible to insects, which means they are treated with more and higher levels of pesticides. They also have thinner skins, and it’s hard to scrub them clean at home without damaging them.

Dr Oz: Organic Celery

What about vegetables? Celery frequently tops lists of most contaminated veggies, because it can soak all the way through. Thin-skinned foods are more likely to get pesticides, but some thick skinned foods, such as cantaloupe, can absorb pesticides from their roots.

Dr Oz Organic Grocery List: Leafy Greens

Spinach, kale, lettuce and other greens are great to buy organically, according to Dr Greene. These are other low growers that get doused in pesticides.

Dr Oz: Organic Potatoes

Potatoes are the country’s most consumed vegetables, but there are lots of ways for them to get contaminated with pesticides. They are in the ground to kill bugs before potatoes are even planted. Seeds are removed using fungicides, and then the potato itself is treated before and after harvest.

“It’s no wonder that potatoes end up consistently with among the highest levels of pesticides of any produce,” Dr Greene said.

Dr Oz said he can’t imagine taking these chances with children’s health. They both agreed it’s worth the investment in organic produce.

Alliance for Food and Farming Statement on Dr Oz

What do farmers and food producers have to say about this? Here is their statement.

The use of pesticides on organic and conventional farms is stringently regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency, the federal Food and Drug Administration, the United States Department of Agriculture as well as state and local regulatory authorities. Produce farmers work with these regulatory bodies to ensure responsible use of organic and conventional pesticides.

Will you be giving any of these organic options a try?

Dr Oz YouTube Workout Dancers

The episode concluded with the debut of the Dr Oz Dancers? She and her girlfriends connect online to share their workouts and inspire one another. Alicia said that working out with friends is motivating. She and her friends taught the entire audience how to do a dance. As usual, Dr Oz gave it a good effort, but couldn’t quite master the moves.

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