Dr Oz: Organic Produce Pesticide Test – Organic Peaches & Celery Test


Dr Oz Pesticide Test

Dr Oz said he believes eating Organic Food is a great way to work toward a healthy diet. But what did his independent testing reveal about some of these foods? Find out what happened when Dr Oz studied Pesticides in Organic Food.

Dr Oz: Pesticides in Organic Celery vs Conventional Celery

In the independent testing, there was no pesticide in the organic samples. But the conventional celery tested positive for three different pesticides, which means those might be ending up on your dinner table.

Dr Oz: Pesticides in Organic Peaches vs Conventional Peaches

Dr Oz: Organic Vs Conventional Produce & Pesticides Vs Lead

Dr Oz shared the results of his independent study comparing pesticides in organic vs conventional produce, like peaches.


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