Dr Oz: Pancreas Fights Belly Fat & Diet Swaps To Lose Belly Fat


Dr Oz: Belly Fat & Pancreas

If Hypnosis for Weight Loss is not your thing, Doctor Oz has another choice for getting rid of your belly fat. On today’s show, Dr Oz showed you the pancreas, the organ that can help you shrink your mid-section. If you overload your system with junk, the pancreas can’t handle the insulin levels. This is when diabetes may occur.



  1. says

    i have been trying to loose my belly fat i am obese and cant see my feet please send me some method of burning my belly fat

    thank you

  2. bill berdan says

    I am , trying to loose some belly fat, or to yhe point of 20-25 lbs.
    total weight. Iam, eating whole grain bread, 8- -9 veg &fruits a day ,drink
    lot water Any suggestions would help,will try the posting , contiue watch you.


  3. Gina says

    TWO AND A HALF YEARS AGO. I had a baby at age43. Prior to my pregnancy I had a six pack. Now I get asked how far along I am…It looks like I am pregnant..I am fit everywhere but my fat belly. Please help..I think I have a healthy diet and workout. Maybe are my enzymes depleting? I am so frustrated!

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