Dr Oz: Particle Size Test for LDL Cholesterol & Eat Less Sugar


Dr Oz: Is LDL Cholesterol Bad?

How many times have you heard that you need to watch your cholesterol because it will lead to heart disease if it gets too high? Well, Dr. Oz’s guests today have shed some new light on the subject with their very controversial beliefs regarding cholesterol. They believe that cholesterol has no correlation with heart disease and they also say that statin drugs are dangerous, especially for women and children. Changing your diet in order to reduce inflammation is what nutritionist Jonny Bowden says is the key to getting healthier and lowering your risk for a heart attack.

Dr Oz: Particle Size Test for LDL Cholesterol

Dr Oz: Particle Size Test for LDL Cholesterol & Eat Less Sugar

Dr Oz says a new cholesterol test called a Particle Size Test is the key to a better understanding of your LDL cholesterol and its effect on your body.



  1. Terry Moore says

    Upon requesting a “particle size test” of my LDL cholesterol, my doctor says he already does a VAP Lipid panel, which he thinks is the same thing. Can anyone confirm or dispute this?

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