Dr Oz: Particle Size Test for LDL Cholesterol & Eat Less Sugar

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Dr Oz: Particle Size Test for LDL Cholesterol & Eat Less Sugar

By on December 11, 2012

Dr Oz: Is LDL Cholesterol Bad?

How many times have you heard that you need to watch your cholesterol because it will lead to heart disease if it gets too high? Well, Dr. Oz’s guests today have shed some new light on the subject with their very controversial beliefs regarding cholesterol. They believe that cholesterol has no correlation with heart disease and they also say that statin drugs are dangerous, especially for women and children. Changing your diet in order to reduce inflammation is what nutritionist Jonny Bowden says is the key to getting healthier and lowering your risk for a heart attack.

Dr Oz: Particle Size Test for LDL Cholesterol

Dr Oz: Particle Size Test for LDL Cholesterol & Eat Less Sugar

Dr Oz says a new cholesterol test called a Particle Size Test is the key to a better understanding of your LDL cholesterol and its effect on your body.

While Dr. Oz and his controversial guests, Dr. Stephen Sinatra and Dr. Jonny Bowden, do not necessarily agree on everything where cholesterol and heart disease is concerned, there is one thing they all definitely agree on and that is a test that can predict your risk for a heart attack. The test is called a Particle Size Test and it measures specifics about the bad cholesterol in your body.

Dr. Stephen Sinatra explained that a Particle Size Test is very important when looking at a person’s cholesterol because only certain types of cholesterol will actually stick to your arteries and cause health problems. He says that not all LDL cholesterol is bad, so requesting this test is so important because it will give you and your doctor crucial information about the cholesterol in your arteries.

Dr. Sinatra says patients have to be proactive and ask for this specific test when they visit their doctor. He goes to say this is a fairly inexpensive test and is covered by most insurance companies, so it is well worth your time and your health to have it done.

Dr Oz: Statin Drugs for Cholesterol?

Dr. Oz says that the bottom line for him is if you do not have a heart problem and your doctor is trying to prescribe a statin drug, especially if you are a woman, push back and request this Particle Size Test.

It will look closely at your LDL (bad) cholesterol, so you can better understand what is actually going on in your own body. Dr. Oz says that while he is concerned about the number of your LDL cholesterol this Particle Size Test will help to determine whether you have bad particles in your arteries or more that you do not need to worry so much about.

He also reiterates what Jonny Bowden mentioned earlier in the show about limiting the amount of sugar you eat because that is the root of a lot of health problems.

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Comments to Dr Oz: Particle Size Test for LDL Cholesterol & Eat Less Sugar

  1. gerda neal says:

    what are the numbers we should strive for? How will we know what is right for us?

  2. My Dr tried to rx this test and the Labs in this area didn’t know what it was. Is there another name for it?

  3. Terry Moore says:

    Upon requesting a “particle size test” of my LDL cholesterol, my doctor says he already does a VAP Lipid panel, which he thinks is the same thing. Can anyone confirm or dispute this?

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