Dr Oz: Pauline Potter | Fattest Woman In the World

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Dr Oz: Pauline Potter | Fattest Woman In the World

By on February 7, 2012

Dr Oz: Fattest Woman In the World

On today’s show, Dr Oz had on Pauline Potter, the world record holder for The Fattest Woman In the World.  She took part in the Obesity Debate and went up against the 4 Women Who Hate Being Fat. In this segment, Dr Oz wanted to hear Pauline’s story and have her give the medical realities of living this lifestyle. Was she happy with her decision?

Pauline Potter is 48-years-old and was recently crowned the 2012 Fattest Women in America. Pauline tipped the scales at 700 lbs. She was heavy all her life. At age 17, she was 220 lbs. When she met her current husband, she was 500 lbs. She was 600 lbs. when they got married. Her husband told her that if she gained weight, he was okay with it. Eventually, it got out of control. Now Pauline suffered from shortness of breath and she needed help getting dressed and getting off the couch. She felt guilty because her son, Dylan, had to help her with everything. She spends days in bed and hears life going on around her. Why would someone choose this?

Dr Oz: Pauline Potter

She joined The Dr Oz Show from her home in Sacramento, CA because she was too big to leave her home.

Dr Oz Pauline Potter

Dr Oz Pauline Potter

For women who wanted her title, Pauline wanted to show them her immobility and tell them about her health issues. This was not a positive title to have. She used this title to her advantage in order to get her story out so she could get help. Doctor Oz asked Pauline how long she felt she had to live and she stated that she didn’t know. She felt as though she could drop dead of a heart attack tomorrow.

Back on the stage, Dr Oz shifted the discussion to help the women understand how he felt about the human body. He asked the 8 women to put on the purple gloves and to hold a human heart. He showed the women a normal heart and the heart of an overweight person. Dr Oz wanted the women to hold the heart close to their own hearts. (Ugh! But I get what he’s trying to do.)

Reenaye, a woman proud of her body, didn’t want to even pick up the heart. She was very defensive about it. Dr Oz stated that he wanted them to face the reality of what was going on in their body. He asked the women to leave the stage (with all due respect) if they didn’t want help. Reenaye and Susanne exited. The audience applauded those women that stated. Cheryl, a woman who claimed to love her body, told Dr Oz she was staying because she was just “being nosy” and wanted to see what they would say. (Personally, I think there was more to it than that for Cheryl, but kudos for her staying.)

Fact: If you are obese, you are 6 X more susceptible to a stroke. For an obese person, you are 22 X more likely to have diabetes.

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  1. she is not sat

  2. pauline potter is a sad person to take advantage of Dr Phil offer in 2011 and Dr Oz offer in 2012.. she has no intension of loosing weight just looking for some fat face time on tv. she loves the attention as much as the food. Dr’s please help someone deserving to live not this attention grabbing person.

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