Dr Oz: Pauline Potter | Fattest Woman In the World


Dr Oz: Fattest Woman In the World

On today’s show, Dr Oz had on Pauline Potter, the world record holder for The Fattest Woman In the World.  She took part in the Obesity Debate and went up against the 4 Women Who Hate Being Fat. In this segment, Dr Oz wanted to hear Pauline’s story and have her give the medical realities of living this lifestyle. Was she happy with her decision?



  1. donna says

    pauline potter is a sad person to take advantage of Dr Phil offer in 2011 and Dr Oz offer in 2012.. she has no intension of loosing weight just looking for some fat face time on tv. she loves the attention as much as the food. Dr’s please help someone deserving to live not this attention grabbing person.

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