Dr Oz: Pine Nuts Belly Fat Blast & Daily Appetite Suppressant

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Dr Oz: Pine Nuts Belly Fat Blast & Daily Appetite Suppressant

By on October 29, 2012

Dr Oz: Pine Nuts Belly Fat Blast

Dr. Oz is continuing the conversation about ways you can eliminate fat from your body with less effort. He introduced you to Garcinia Cambrogia, a supplement that blocks the production of fat while helping you to feel less hungry. Now he is going to share a food with you that will naturally help to burn belly fat.

Doctor Oz: Siberian Pine Nuts

Dr Oz: Pine Nuts Belly Fat Blast & Daily Appetite Suppressant

Dr. Oz says to eat the equivalent amount to a shot glass filled with pine nuts every day to help curb your appetite and burn belly fat.

Pine Nuts are a little seed, but researchers say they are a huge fat buster. While they are currently used in many culinary dishes, they originated in Siberia and were eaten to curb appetite during times of low food supply.

Modern science now shows that there is actual merit to this fact with benefits ranging from providing heart healthy fatty acids that subdue hunger hormones to burning belly fat. They contain high quality protein that slows digestion, leaving your feeling satisfied and less hungry.

Dr Oz: Pine Nuts Pinolenic Acid

  • Eat the equivalent to one shot glass filled with pine nuts every day. It is only 60 calories, but packs a huge fat busting punch.
  • Pines are high in protein, curb your appetite, and will even help to control your cravings.
  • Pinolenic Acid is the naturally occurring fat found in pine nuts that stimulates powerful hunger suppressing hormones.
  • In a study, participants who took an extract of pinolenic acid reduced their food intake by an incredible 36%, a whopping opportunity to take advantage of according to Doctor Oz.

Dr Oz: How To Eat Pine Nuts

You can eat pine nuts daily to reduce your food cravings. Here are some ways Dr Oz said you can get them into your menu.

  1. Pine Nuts can be eaten raw and Dr. Oz likes to eat them in the morning because they can help with cravings all day long, but he does   say they are beneficial regardless of what time of day they are eaten.
  2. Pine Nuts can also be ground up into a pesto type of sauce. When you grind them, they release more of their oil, which is more readily absorbed into the body.
  3. Pine Nut oil can be used on your salads or in your soups as a fabulous way to diversify the dressings that you use on your salads.

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