Dr Oz: Plant Sterols Dosage & Statin Drug Alternatives For Cholesterol


Dr Oz: Statin Drug Alternatives

Dr Oz promised that a 10-cent drug could lower your cholesterol without the cost or side effects of statin drugs. The secret is called Plant Sterols. Are these the perfect statin drug alternatives?

Dr Oz: What Are Plant Sterols?

Alternative medicine research has found something that can lower cholesterol by 14%. Plant Sterols are found in fruits and vegetables, which prevent cholesterol from being absorbed by arteries.


  1. Krista says

    I’ve found a lot of products at the grocery store that have been fortified with plant sterols. There is MinuteMaid Heartwise orange juice, Smart Balance HeartRight milk, even one of the flavors of VitaTops and VitaBrownies have plant sterols

  2. judy says

    Hi Dr Oz, I watched the cholesterol show with Dr Malina Jambolis, I want to know what plant sterol supplements I can take, and where to get them? I was prescribed pravastatin 20 mg, but I am afraid to take, I was taking red rice yeast and it helped some, but not enough, Please help me, I trust you , thank You, Judy

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