Dr Oz: Prebiotic Foods For Digestion & Prebiotics Vs Probiotics

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Dr Oz: Prebiotic Foods For Digestion & Prebiotics Vs Probiotics

By on September 11, 2012

Dr Oz: Complete Body Restart

Dr Oz shared his ideas for a total body reset on the show, with his advice for Heart Health, Thyroid Check, and Liver Detox. Next, he looked at your rumbling guts as a source for health advice. Learn the difference between Prebiotics Vs Probiotics and how to get more healthy choices in your diet.

Women complained that they look and feel pregnant or have trouble digesting their food, causing bloating, cramping, and other problems. So what’s the deal? Dr Oz talked with three women from the audience to explain that this isn’t normal and you don’t have to live with these issues.

Dr Oz: Prebiotics Vs Probiotics

Dr Oz explained the difference between Prebiotics Vs Probiotics and how they work together for proper digestion; a Prebiotic Foods list includes bananas.

The three women got to stretch an intestine across the stage with Dr Oz. He didn’t pull any punches, noting that all these feet of organs are holding poop trapped inside the body. Food should move smoothly through the body, but stress can slow the process.

Dr Oz: Intestinal Blackout

Family and work stress can actually short circuit your intestines, causing an Intestinal Blackout with Bloating, Constipation, and Diarrhea among the symptoms. The intestines can tie knots in themselves, but this can also be undone.

“Remarkably, they’re able to come back and be what they used to be,” he said.

Dr Oz: Prebiotics Vs Probiotics

The key to achieving this is Prebiotics. These are different than Probiotics, but they work together. He apologized for not mentioning them sooner on his show.

Probiotics “help your guts by giving them the right bacteria,” Dr Oz said, but those bacteria only stay alive when they’re given the right foods, found in Prebiotics.

Dr Oz: Prebiotic Foods

Try to get two to four servings per day of Prebiotic Foods. You can get more Probiotics in your diet from the following common foods:

  • Bananas
  • Garlic
  • Grains
  • Honey
  • Onions

Dr Oz: Restart Your Body Cheat Sheet

Now that you know all of Dr Oz’s ways to Restart Your Body, are you going to get started with them? You can find a Cheat Sheet featuring all of the show’s tips through the official Dr Oz website.

Dr Oz: Organ Search & Transport

Finally, Dr Oz took us behind the scenes to show how he and a team of medical students worked together to collect enough organs for the entire audience to hold in this episode. They coordinated with Dr Oz’s hospital to collect and catalog the organs and match them with audience members.

The organs had to be packed and kept in coolers for transport, where they were stored overnight. Then they were gently unpacked and distributed to the Dr Oz audience. That’s a pretty cool story. How many of us can say we got the chance to hold a human organ?

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