Dr Oz: Protein Powder Recommendations + Protein Powder Buying Guide


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Have you always believed that protein powders were only meant for men? If so, Dr. Oz has information that might change your mind because he says they can actually help women, too. They can help you lose weight, boost your energy and even stabilize your moods, so Dr. Oz has tips to help you choose the right protein powder and to know when to add them to your diet.

Dr Oz: Protein Powder Recommendations

Dr Oz: Protein Powder Recommendations + Protein Powder Buying Guide

Dr Oz made protein powder recommendations for women that include options to help you lose weight, boost your energy and balance out your mood.


  1. Sandy says

    All the protein powders are beneficial for different things. Should you eat only 1 at a time during a day?

  2. says

    Check the instructions for your protein powder to determine whether there is a recommended maximum to consume per day. Maybe try starting with the protein powder that best fits your goal. If you don’t seem to get results, you could then try another one. A nutritionist, doctor, or even health food store employee would probably be able to help you figure out a personalized plan.

  3. Judy Fazio says

    Hmmm … been using about 3 tbs of Hemp Pro50 powder in my morning smoothy. I take medication for Blood Pressure, Cholesterol and Thyroid. Sure hope this powder is a good choice as it wasn’t mentioned here. Does anyone know if this one is OK?

  4. says

    It’s probably a good idea to check with your doctor and see whether certain types of protein powder are better or worse with your medications.

  5. Camillia says

    I’m interested in the casein protein shake with hemp milk but, I never made any shakes before. How do I make one and how much ingredients do I add?

  6. Cassandra says

    I’ve worked night shift for almost 20 yrs and I’ve gained an avg. of 7lbs a yr. I’ve tried to lose wt but nothing works. I dont even have enough evergy to work out. day time sleep is completly different from night sleep. No one even talks about the night shift workers.

  7. says

    You might run into a few side effects from using low quality creatine.
    Talking about the good effects of the synthetic forms of anabolic steroids,
    they can treat several illnesses specifically autoimmune diseases.

    Also, instead of aiming at magical gains, it is better to
    break your plan into smaller bits that are easier to achieve.

  8. Dom says

    I am trying to gain weight while exercising about 2 hours a day.What protein supplement would best fit my active lifestyle?

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