Dr Oz: Qnexa – Miracle Weight-Loss Diet Pill? Who Should Take Qnexa?

By on April 19, 2012

Dr Oz: Qnexa

You’ve tried everything to lose weight, but can’t seem to shed those pesky pounds. Is Qnexa the miracle pill to help you lose the weight? According to studies, Qnexa curbs your cravings, suppresses the appetite and even changes the way the food tastes, but is this pill too good to be true? The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) doesn’t think so. Qnexa may soon be approved by the FDA, the first in 13 years. Before you go out to get this miracle drug, find out more information.

Dr Oz Qnexa

Dr Oz Qnexa

Muriel, an audience member, told Dr Oz that she has been prescribed this drug. Since taking the drug, she lost 60 lbs. Muriel said before trying Qnexa, she tried everything to lose weight but failed. She’s been on it for some time and when she first began taking Qnexa, she noticed she didn’t have cravings anymore. For her, it was “amazing.” She felt as though she didn’t want to eat as much, plus, she didn’t have any side effects.

Dr Oz: Topiramate + Phentermine = Qnexa

Dr. Craig Primack told Doctor Oz that he prescribed Qnexa to his patients. Dr. Primack felt that we should be excited about this drug because it is a great new tool for weight loss. Dr. Primack believed Qnexa lived up to its claims and altered your cravings as well as changed how the food tastes. When his patients first started the drug, they reported feeling less hungry. Even something as simple as the taste of diet cola had changed. Qnexa changes the sensation that travels from our tongue to the brain.

Topiramate is a seizure medication that when combined with phentermine changes the way food tastes. Normally, when you eat the foods you love, the brain gets a signal. This signal makes you want to eat more. With Qnexa, you get the same sensation, but you get more of a subtle sense. Food doesn’t taste bad, it just taste different.

Phentermine is the appetite suppressant that distracts you and keeps you feeling full. When you combine phentermine with topiramate, you get a combination that helps you lose weight, according to Dr. Primack.

Qnexa Side Effects

Dr. Primack stated that with any drug you get some side effects. (He didn’t mention any specific ones for this drug.) When you increase the dose of any drug you get more side effects. What they try to do with Qnexa is to offer lower doses of both the drugs Topiramate and phentermine to decrease the side effects. Dr. Primack even believed that because of the combination of the two drugs, some side effects of one drug may counteract the side effects of the other.

Chris Powell: Qnexa

Chris Powell, a fitness trainer, felt that this drug may help kick-start a diet program. Although Chris is an advocate of natural diet and exercise to lose weight, he admitted just looking at the ingredients in the pill indicate that it works. Psychologically, Chris believed Qnexa will give people something to believe in. If that’s what it takes to get someone to start to eat better and work out, he’s all for it!

Who Should Take Qnexa?

Dr. Primack says Qnexa is not for everyone. If you have a BMI (Body Mass Index) greater than 30 or a BMI of 27 with risk factors like diabetes and high blood pressure, you’re a candidate. Those that are trying to lose a small amount of weight (5-15 lbs) with no other health issues (high blood pressure, diabetes) should NOT consider Qnexa. Studies have shown that after the first day, you’ll feel a difference with appetite. Within the first week, you can lose 3-5 lbs. After the first month, you can lose up to 10-15 lbs with diet and exercise along with the pill.

Chris told Doctor Oz that with good clean diet and exercise, you can lose 1% of your bodyweight per week. Qnexa accelerates this weight loss.

Dr Oz: Qnexa Concerns

Dr. Primack said over the last 15-years, they have studied the concerns of Qnexa in women of childbearing age and those with preexisting heart disease. Dr. Primack had no worries about people taking this pill for the rest of their lives. Doctor Oz asked if you gained the weight back when you stopped taking the pill and Dr. Primack answered, “Some do and some don’t.” While on Qnexa, you should also teach people about diet and exercise—that’s a big piece of weight loss.

Qnexa Alternatives

For those not wanting to take Qnexa, Chris Powell had a few natural options for weight loss that included, eating the proteins on your plate first and then you’ll eat much less of the other foods on your plate. Chris also suggested eating fiber in the mornings to fill you up and help curb your appetite later in the day. Also, try taking 2 tsp of coconut oil and mixing it with 1 ½ cups of warm water. Drink this before a big meal to make you fuller and help you eat half the calories you would have consumed otherwise.

Dr Oz suggested not to go running off and getting the pill right away. Do your research. Qnexa is a potential weapon that can help you lose weight. According to one study, Qnexa has reduced the risk of diabetes by 76%. (That’s about a third of us.) That said, Dr Oz would prefer someone to NOT take a pill, but he agreed with what Chris said about Qnexa jumpstarting your confidence to get your weight loss together.

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Comments to Dr Oz: Qnexa – Miracle Weight-Loss Diet Pill? Who Should Take Qnexa?

  1. I would like to know how someone got their doctor to prescribe this if it’s not FDA approved yet? I know my doctor would never consider giving this to me unless it is approved. However, I am looking forward to finally getting something that works.

    Dieting works….but for those who have metabolic syndrome one has to eat practically nothing to lose a lb. Also, due to severe arthritis in my hips and spine…there is only so much exercise that I can do. I know once I lose it, I will have an easier time maintaining it because I will be able to move better and my metabolism will be functioning better…….for now, I can’t lose the weight without help. Please FDA…get moving on this!

  2. Barbara, Each of the component medications in Qnexa ie (phentermine and topiramate) have indivudually been approved by the FDA for many years. There are several hundred physicians that have been using this combination for long term weight-loss with great success and safety for years. We began using this combination of medications in 1999. Using drugs “off label” is perfectly legal and in fact done quite often my many physicians. Nearly 30 % of medications used in adult medicine are used off label and probably close to 50% in pediatrics. I believe that Qnexa, although effective for many patients initially , will suffer due to its dosage limitations as determined by the FDA.

  3. Thank you Robert for your reply. I see you are an MD….so you’d know. Since I go for check up’s every 3 months I think I will ask my Dr. if I can take these two meds in combination and if he will prescribe it for me. Can’t hurt to ask. My only problem will be that he is very cautious about stuff like this….so I hope I don’t have to do too much convincing. Thanks again!

  4. Bridgette says:

    So, are Doctors able to prescribe it yet? Or just the two separately?

  5. Bridgette….from what Robert said, I would have to say that doctors cannot prescribe the new drug Qnexa till the FDA approves it, but they can prescribe the two drugs involved separately. Not sure how they go about justifying it with insurance though.

  6. When taken separately or alone both of these drugs are used to treat something other than weight loss. So when a doctor prescribes this combination it goes through the insurance company that you are being treated for two problems individually with these meds so in reality no one but you and your doctor know exactly what’s going on and that your actually treating weight loss

  7. Taking diet pills should have a recommendation from a doctor. Pills can be helpful and a careful attention to details with its effects is essential. Be sure to take advice from the medical professional to know what you are taking in behalf of loosing your weight. Great information to know.

  8. Hmm…@”free diets that work”, these diet pills cannot be taken or gotten without a doctor’s prescription..other than it is always good advise to consult your doctor when going on any diet…for this discussion about these pills, I am not sure what your point is?

  9. wil monroe says:

    I suffer from hypertension, and is looking for a diet pill such qnexa to help curb my appetite. Is qnexa okay for people with hypertension since it contains the stimulant? If not what else is out there on the market?


  10. It it a diet pill that can be ordered online or is it only being prescribed through a physician? I’m 5’2 & 135lbs and wants to be at 115lbs to be comfortable, but my previous physician will only allow me to lose so many lbs, staying at 120-123lbs. Any suggestions as to what I can do to get to my ideal weight?

  11. i really need these pill`s i`ve try everything to exercise too the extreme. still no result`s please help!!!! let me when it comes in i need this prescribed too me please let me know

  12. My doctor prescribe qnexa…I’m doing the HCG Diet at Smart for Life Med-Esthetic Group in Port St.Lucie.

  13. If yall want call the office to see if you can become a patient and get some yourselfs:) Good Luck 772-293-0022

  14. If your doctor is prescribing it then probably many other doctors are too. My doctor gave me a lecture about losing weight using diet pills that will probably end up being taken off the market due to side effects like all the other pills in the past. So…not sure I will be getting these from him.

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