Dr Oz: Randy Jackson Diabetes Awareness Campaign – ABCs of Diabetes


Dr Oz: Randy Jackson American Idol “One Big, Happy Family”

Dr. Oz and Randy Jackson have been discussing Randy’s shocking diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes and his decision to have gastric bypass surgery as a way to jump start his weight loss and help him on the path to healthy success. Randy has lost over 100 pounds due to the surgery and all of the hard work and determination it takes to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Dr Oz: Randy Jackson Gastric Bypass Surgery Success

Dr. Oz begins by defending everyone who has every had gastric bypass surgery by saying that it will not work the person does not put in the effort afterward by watching your diet along with some other smart lifestyle choices. Randy Jackson lost over 100 pounds after his surgery 10 years ago and Dr. Oz would love to know what he has done to keep the weight off. Randy says that for him he had to make a psychological transformation because he had a very unhealthy relationship with food. He now eats something every couple of hours throughout the day, never skipping a meal.

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