Dr Oz: Raspberry Ketones: #1 Fat Burner Miracle


Dr Oz: Raspberry Ketones Burn Fat

Did you know you can burn fat with just one little pill? (Seriously!) Dr Oz showed you raspberry ketone, the #1 miracle in a bottle to help burn your fat as part of his show on Fat Burners. Read on to find out what this one little fruit can do—you won’t believe the results! And for those of you looking to find Raspberry Ketones, Dr Oz did not mention a brand or store to purchase them at, however I did some research and found some at the following link with pretty good reviews: Raspberry Keytone Pills.



  1. Jo Lac says

    I have the same question then the first lady…Where can I buy that in Canada…I’ve call all around and they don’t have it…

  2. Sudesh says

    Nutrabolics has a product with Raspberry Keytones and Africal Wild Mango extract…It’s an amazing product for fat loss with a HUGE success rate. You can find it at any local sports supplement stores or supplementscanada.com or SVN.com

  3. elena says

    i live in canada were can i buy this Raspberry keytones I live bye the border were in the states can i find this product….

  4. Darlene says

    I live ine Maile the health food stores here are very upset because Dr. Oz told us about Rasberry Ketones. They have no Ketones in there stores. I believe in Dr. Oz and would love to try it and see for myself

  5. Christine says

    Raspberry ketones can be bought at Swanson Discount vitamins they are in the U.S.A. They sell quality supplements and deliver to Canada no problem.

  6. Susie says

    I would like to know what is the best brand for raspberry ketones? And where in Canada can you buy it?

  7. Lynper says

    So what happens when you STOP taking the raspberry ketones? Do you have to continue taking these pills to keep your results even with a healthy diet and exercise routine?

    When your are finally thin (or within your BMI range) and stop taking the pill does your body naturally know and respond like a thin body so you’re not dependent on a pill (even a natural alternative miracle pill)?

  8. Holly says

    I watch DR OZ and am trying the SAFSLIM for the 3rd week now. But he has so many good tips and stuff to take, that personally I cannot afford all of this stuff, Between Dr OZ and Dr Weil, i would go broke. I would like to have some advice on what I could ‘pare’ this all down to and get good results. Whats the most important?

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