Dr Oz: Red Palm Oil Review, Alzheimers Risk & Heart Health Benefits


Dr Oz: 2013 Miracle Food

Dr. Oz says that today is your lucky day because you have hit the jackpot because he is sharing his 13 Miracles for you to try in 2013. He asked some of his favorite experts to help come up with the miracles to help with your biggest complaints in the areas of sleep, looking younger, and losing weight for good. Get ready to take notes and make 2013 your best year yet!

Dr Oz: Red Palm Oil Review

Dr. Oz says the Miracle Oil for Longevity is Red Palm Oil. He likes the name because it reminds him of a stop sign for aging. Not only are palm trees beautiful to look at, but they also contain a powerful fruit that is the secret to longevity. Bryce Wylde, author of Wylde on Health and Alternative Medicine Expert, believes that Red Palm Oil is a miracle food because it packs a one-two punch.



  1. Ursula M Fachnie says

    Where can I buy Red Palm Oil?
    Our Health Food Stores in Orange County ,California don’t have it
    Love to listen to your great program.
    Thank you

  2. Sandra Crawford says

    Unsuccessful finding a retail source for the Red Palm Oil. Even web sites are out of stock.

  3. Sasha says

    Check African Markets in your area they sell the pure unprocessed one. This is where i purchased mine $8.99

  4. Ann says

    What about the Red Palm oil pills saying equal to 2 Tablespoons? Is this as effective as the actual oil?

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