Dr Oz: Reinvented Green Drink with Ginger & Cayenne: Elvis Duran

Dr Oz: Holiday Diet Disasters & Elvis Duran

In this segment, Dr Oz introduced funnyman and radio personality, Elvis Duran, host of the Elvis Duran Morning Show, which is aired in over 40 countries. Dr Oz had been a frequent guest on the show, preaching his healthy eating habits. On one particular show, Dr Oz took Elvis’ blood pressure and announced that it was through the roof. In fact, Doctor Oz stated that Elvis’ blood pressure was at stroke and heart attack levels. That day, his friends and fellow DJs made Elvis sign up for Dr Oz’s Transformation Nation. Dr Oz even sent him a special Dr Oz Approved breakfast to help him get started.

Dr Oz: Reinvented Green Drink Recipe

While he was doing great in the beginning, during the holidays, his co-workers described his eating habits as less than stellar. Dr Oz Green Drink Recipe Elvis stated he was in shock when Dr Oz checked his blood pressure, which was 165/110, and told him he was in danger of having a stroke. It was then his staff became serious about it. As his friends, they were truly concerned. Dr Oz spoke to one staffer who stated that Elvis had been eating much better. Elvis said he did lose 8 lbs since that fateful show and was looking forward to losing more. Dr Oz had Elvis try his reinvented green juice with ginger and cayenne and Elvis stated “I can taste the healthy in it.” (In other words, it was gross!)

Dr Oz: Elvis Duran

Dr Oz had Elvis put on the gloves. Dr Oz pulled back the sheet to reveal the human heart. Dr Oz Says that the heart should be the size of a fist with a connecting tube that felt rubbery. He showed Elvis an unhealthy, enlarged heart. It was double the size and contained a rusted tube. According to Doctor Oz, a vast majority of people are in between the two hearts.


  1. Genevieve says

    Well, what gives here ? Just where is the reinvented green drink recipe ? Perhaps that is
    why there aren’t any comments.

  2. Genevieve says

    Well what gives here? I was looking for the reinvented green drink recipe. Perhaps that’s why
    there aren’t any comments.

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