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Dr Oz: Restaurant Secrets with Rocco DiSpirito

By on April 30, 2012

Dr Oz: Restaurant Secrets Making You Fat

Do you love eating in restaurants? Even when you think you’re making the healthy choices, you may not be getting what you asked for. On today’s show, Dr Oz was joined by Celebrity Chef, Rocco DiSpirito to reveal the hidden restaurant secrets that are making you fat. You may never eat out the same way again!

Dr Oz Rocco DiSpirito

Dr Oz and Rocco DiSpirito talk about restaurant secrets.

Chef Rocco told Dr Oz that what your chef does to your food could be expanding your waistline—and you don’t even know it! There may be unwanted calories and fat in your food. Some of the restaurant secrets included dimming the room so you feel less conscious about eating. Another secret revealed was that even when you ask for skim milk in your coffee, you may still be getting whole fat milk.

Rocco said that restaurants are just doing what they think we want. They add butter and sugar, thinking they’re giving us what we want—a great tasting dish.

Dr Oz: Butter in Food at Restaurants

1. Everything is Smothered in Butter- Chef Rocco told Dr Oz that butter makes food taste good and keeps the food moist. Butter may be in your vinaigrette, in your dessert, everywhere. Rocco said at his old restaurant, he used 12 lbs of butter during the course of a day (that’s ½ stick of butter per person). You order grilled fish, thinking you’re going healthy and find out it’s actually soaked in butter. Sometimes shrimp sits in butter all night long before grilling. You order Swiss chard for a veggie and the restaurant serves it up with bacon and butter.

Rocco says to eliminate this mistake, ask questions. Restaurants are there to make you happy, so they’ll give you what you want, but you have to tell them. Ask for your veggies without the butter.

The Thicker the Sauce, the Worse it is for You

2. The Thicker the Sauce, the Worse it is For You- Rocco said restaurants use a rue made of a mixture of ½ flour and ½ butter. (This is how Alfredo sauce starts out.) If your sauce looks like a thick, gloopy mess, you’re getting more calories than you bargained for. Chicken Alfredo in this type of sauce can be as much as 1440 calories.

When you go to your restaurant, ask about the sauce. Ask for a jus sauce, which is lighter and clearer on the bottom. This sauce also contains no fat. This is Rocco’s go-to sauce. You can also bring your own bottle of vinegar to use as a sauce.

Dr Oz: Sugar in Pizza & Pasta

3. Sugar is Added to Pizza and Pasta- Ever wonder how your spaghetti looks all nice and shiny when it is placed in front of you in a restaurant? Rocco says this is because it contains sugar. Restaurants do this because they feel sugar gives it a nice shiny, sweet and sour effect.

Food Ending in Y is High in Fat

4. If It Ends with a “Y” it is High in Fat- These are words like crunchy, crispy and gooey. If it ends in “D”, it’s healthier for you. These are words like charred, grilled and poached. Instead of fried, go for sauteeD foods.

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