Dr Oz: Salt Addiction Intervention + Enlarged Heart Blood Pressure


Dr Oz: What’s Your Truth?

Dr Oz said that most of us have a salt shaker on our dinner table. It has its health benefits, and it can be a key ingredient in many recipes. But what if you are hooked on salty foods and snacks?

Mary loves salty foods such as pickles, chips, olives, and other treats. She showed off a cabinet containing a variety of her favorite types of salt, of which there were close to a dozen. Rather than a smoothie, she enjoys a virgin bloody mary at breakfast, or a cold drink of pickle juice.

Dr Oz: Salt Addiction

Dr Oz: Salt Addiction Intervention + Enlarged Heart Blood Pressure

Mary is a woman with an extreme salt addiction that follows her daily. Can Dr Oz help her see the ways she is hurting her body, so she can make changes?



  1. Todd Fuqua says

    Mary, I’m suffering from the same addiction. I didn’t realize that it was a serious problem. I currently diagnosed with Cardiomyopathy, Congestive Heart Failure, and Renal (Kidney) failure. I’m having to live with a Heart Defibrillator / Pacemaker. And now I have to watch my sodium and fluid intake. This is a very hard journey. Thank you for your story letting me know that I’m not by myself….Blessings..

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