Dr Oz: Secrets to Avoid Stress Eating: Brad Lamm’s 4 Step Plan


Dr Oz did a segment with Brad Lamm called How to Keep Stress Eating From Ruining Your Health.  Stress Eating is like Emotional Eating – many people eat when triggered by certain things.  Doctor Oz was really excited about Brad Lamm’s 4 Step Plan to Stop Stress Eating.

Dr Oz & Brad Lamm: Body Mapping

Dr Oz and Brad Lamm did an activity with Tamika, who is a Stress Eater, where they told her to draw on a big piece of paper exactly how she thinks of herself.  Then, Dr Oz Tennis Ball MassageBrad Lamm had her stand against the paper and traced her body.  Dr Oz did not love how Lamm did it though, because he included the width of her arms in her body.  I was so happy when Dr Oz went back and had Tamika stand with her arms up and traced just her body so that she could see how much smaller her body really is compared to how she thinks of it.

Dr Oz: Secrets to Avoid Stress Eating – Don’t Drink Your Calories

Dr Oz has spoken before about how important it is to stop drinking soda.  If you take out just one bottle of soft drinks, you can make a massive dent in the calories you consume.  Tamika said she drinks juicy drinks, which are total empty calories and not even juice!  Dr Oz said that in his house they fill a glass with water, fruit slices and mint to make a refreshing fruity flavored water.  I love this idea and I always keep a pitcher of water in my fridge full of lemon slices, orange slices, lime slices and mint leaves – it is a great diet tip!  Each soda you drink is 120-150 calories, so that is 15,000 calories over a year.  Dr Oz showed Tamika a big log that represented 5 pounds of fat.  If you cut out just one can of soda, you lose three times as much fat as that log represents – and right now, Tamika is drinking 4-5 cans a day.

Dr Oz: Secrets to Avoid Stress Eating – Develop a Daily Practice

Dr Oz said that you must get 7-8 hours of sleep every night.  Tamika is getting 3.5-4 hours of sleep each night because she cannot stop thinking about the day that passed and the next day.  Dr Oz said that if you do not get enough sleep then your cortisol or stress hormone levels go up, which makes you gain weight and eat more carbs.

Dr Oz: Secrets to Avoid Stress Eating – Get Moving

Dr Oz said that whenever you feel Stress Eating, move instead.  You do not need to join a gym, you can do something called Moving Meditations which is a no weight workout.  Doing the dishes for example gets your body moving.  Brad Lamm also showed how you can put three tennis balls in a sock and massage your back with it by lying on the floor and rolling over the balls with your back.

Dr Oz: Secrets to Avoid Stress Eating – Find a Diet Partner or Stress Buddy

Brad Lamm’s brother lost 100 pounds with Brad as his Stress Buddy – so Brad Lamm will now be Tamika’s Stress Buddy too!

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