Dr Oz: Sensa Ingredient List Disclosure & Sensa Weight Loss Results


Dr Oz: Sensa Ingredient List

Today’s Dr. Oz show is all about the newest diet craze sweeping America called Sensa. Dr. Oz did some investigating into the Sensa weight loss powder, but decided to invite the developer Dr. Alan Hirsch to the show so he could better understand the plan and how it works. Dr. Oz’s biggest concern with this program is the fact that people are being told to eat whatever food they want to eat, including those filled with sugar and fat, while losing weight. This goes against everything he tells his patients and audience, so he is sharing it with you today as part of his Dr. Oz Alert: Sensa – Sensation or Senseless?

Sensa: Weight Loss Numbers are Unrealistic

Dr Oz: Sensa Ingredient List Disclosure & Sensa Weight Loss Results

Dietician Kristin Kirkpatrick is concerned about the fact that Sensa ingredients are not fully disclosed, which leads her to wonder what people are putting into their bodies to lose weight.


  1. Arlene Damele says

    Dr. Oz, I want to know the ingredients in Sensa? I have used it for about 3 weeks and I see no difference in my weight. I work out at the gym or walk daily.
    I watch my intake of foods and I don’t eat fast foods ever. I shop for organic foods and eat lots of vegetables, fruits, fish, and chicken.

    Please tell me your opinion on the ingredients.
    Thank you, Arlene

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