Dr Oz Sensa Review: How Much Does Sensa Cost & How Does Sensa Work?


Dr Oz: Eat Unhealthy Foods and Lose Weight

There are so many weight loss programs on the market and they make their own promises regarding the results you could see if you follow their plan, but if there was one whose promise including simply sprinkling a powder on whatever you eat to help you lose weight? Dr. Oz has done some investigating into this new diet craze and he is ready to share what he learned with you today with his Dr. Oz Alert: Sensa – Sensation or Senseless? The product claims to change the way you smell and taste food, which will lead to weight loss. Read more about Sensa studies & ingredients.

Dr Oz Sensa Review: Are Taste and Smell Key to Weight Loss?

Dr. Oz explains that he is not affiliated with Sensa, but he wanted to get to the bottom of this craze sweeping America, so he invited the developer of the program, Dr. Alan Hirsch, to his show. Dr. Hirsch says that his research showed that as people lost their sense of smell and taste, they gained weight, so he wondered if he could find a way to affect a person’s sense of smell and taste maybe they could lose weight.

Dr Oz: How Sensa Works

Dr Oz Sensa Review: How Much Does Sensa Cost?

Dr. Alan Hirsch says that if you sprinkle his Sensa powder on any food you eat you will feel full faster and lose weight.


  1. Ruth Svoboda says

    I have my Stomach stabled in 1985 iam 82 Year old i eat like a Bird and can not loos weight.
    Iam not a Meat eater Fruit Veggies and fish.Iam Diabetic i dont eat any sweets i mean any and i dont lie.Why i have 178 Pounds and iam only 5 feet.Maby somebody has an answer i would be very happy to find out what is wrong and if sensa would help me.Ruth Svoboda.

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