Dr Oz: Sheriff Don’s Diet, Hemoglobin A1C + EKG Heart Function


Dr Oz: Bringing Healthy Back

Doctor Oz is Bringing Healthy Back on his show, so you can “reclaim your life by regaining your health.” He put the spotlight on local hero Sheriff Don from Abbeville, South Carolina. He has worked in law enforcement for about 20 years.

His colleagues had great things to say about his work as a deputy sheriff. But two years ago, a serious heart attack ended his career. He was forced to retire, meaning he gave up a career that he loved. He turned to food for happiness and satisfaction that he was missing.

Dr Oz: Sheriff Don’s Diet

Dr Oz: Sheriff Don's Diet, Hemoglobin A1C + EKG Heart Funcation

Dr Oz met Sheriff Don, a man who was forced into retirement after a heart attack. He needs help getting healthy, and has a high Hemoglobin A1C reading. (Palo_ok / Shutterstock.com)


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