Dr. Oz: Should This Grandma Keep Giving Her Grandson Fast Food?


Dr. Oz: Eating Healthy Versus Eating Bad

Dr. Oz talked about a family conflict. Lovette and Michael have been happily married for five years and have two children. But over time, Michael says his mother-in-law has become a “monster-in-law.” She calls herself the Glamma and she thinks she’s a great grandma.

But the debate in this family is raging over food. Lovette and Michael are trying to encourage their children to eat healthy and enjoy a balanced diet. But Rochelle gives them candy and sweets and fast food. Lovette and Michael’s son Grayson has Type 1 Diabetes, so they’re very concerned over what Grayson eats and how much of it he eats. The mother-in-law, on the other hand, wants the kids to have fun, so she gives them food.


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