Dr Oz: Shred Diet Plan Meal Spacing, Eating Detox & Diet Cycle

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Dr Oz: Shred Diet Plan Meal Spacing, Eating Detox & Diet Cycle

By on January 2, 2013

Dr Oz: Dr Ian Smith Hibiscus Tea Detox

Dr. Oz and his guest, Dr. Ian Smith, have shared Dr. Smith’s Revolutionary Shred Diet Program that will help you lose 2 sizes and 4 inches in just 6 weeks. The key is in what he calls Diet Confusion, which will keep your metabolism revved up to burn calories and shred those unwanted pounds.

Dr Oz: Shred Diet Plan Meal Spacing

Dr Oz: Shred Diet Plan Meal Spacing & Eating Detox

Dr Ian Smith’s Shred Diet Plan will help you lose two sizes and four inches in six weeks!

Dr. Ian Smith’s Shred! Program promises you will lose four inches and two sizes in six weeks. Dr. Smith says that meal spacing is the key to your success with his program, which includes four meals and two snacks that are eaten every three to four hours. He explains that his will keep you full and distribute your calories evenly throughout the day. Dr. Oz added how crucial that meal spacing is when it comes to your insulin. If your insulin spikes to high or dips too low, you will enter the fat danger zone, so Dr. Oz explained that it is very important to keep your insulin at a healthy level, especially when you are trying to lose weight.

Dr Oz: Shred! Calorie Roller Coaster

Dr. Ian Smith explained that his Shred! Program put you on a Calorie Roller Coaster, which is important to keeping your metabolism revved up and working to help you lose inches and pounds. He says this is why you begin his program by eating a lot of calories and gradually lower the number by the mid way point where you will start to see a transformation in your body, then begin ascending the number of calories you consume again. This fluctuation will help to prevent any type of plateau, proving to be a great metabolism recipe for success.

Dr Oz: Shred Diet Plan Eating Detox

Dr. Oz notes that while many diet plans include a Detox in the beginning, Dr. Ian Smith’s Shred diet plan actually has a detox near the end of the six weeks. He explains that this is because people often feel intimidated by a Detox at the beginning of a diet, so he likes to ease people into it, which is why he includes a detox at the end of his plan. The best part is that Dr. Smith calls it and Eating Detox because you are still eating your meals and snacks every day, but adding the Detox as well.

  • Drink a glass of water with Lemon and Flaxseed Oil or add Flaxseeds to your favorite muffin recipe
  • 1 cup 100% Natural Hibiscus Tea, which is loaded with antioxidants
  • 1 cup 100% Pure Cranberry Juice
  • No Alcohol

Dr Oz: Dr Ian Smith – Shred! Cycle Diet

Dr. Ian Smith says that his Shred! Program is a Cycle Diet, which means if you have not met your goals after the first six weeks, then you need to start the cycle, but in a different order. However, if you have met your goals, he says that every four weeks you need to pick any week of the diet and just do it. Once you have kept off your weight for six months, you only need to do a week of the diet every eight weeks. Dr. Smith explains our body is just like a car in that it needs maintenance and a tune-up every now and then rather than waiting for it to break down completely before we take care of it.

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  1. I am starting the Shred diet today. One thing I noticed is that in chapter 1 when it shows the meal schedule, it lists meal 4 at 7:00PM and snack 3 at 8:30PM but all the days after week 1 day 1 shows them reversed. Is the first day different from all the others or is it a typo? If there is a typo, which is correct? Thanks

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