Dr Oz: Shred Diet Plan Meal Spacing, Eating Detox & Diet Cycle


Dr Oz: Dr Ian Smith Hibiscus Tea Detox

Dr. Oz and his guest, Dr. Ian Smith, have shared Dr. Smith’s Revolutionary Shred Diet Program that will help you lose 2 sizes and 4 inches in just 6 weeks. The key is in what he calls Diet Confusion, which will keep your metabolism revved up to burn calories and shred those unwanted pounds.

Dr Oz: Shred Diet Plan Meal Spacing

Dr Oz: Shred Diet Plan Meal Spacing & Eating Detox

Dr Ian Smith’s Shred Diet Plan will help you lose two sizes and four inches in six weeks!


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    I am starting the Shred diet today. One thing I noticed is that in chapter 1 when it shows the meal schedule, it lists meal 4 at 7:00PM and snack 3 at 8:30PM but all the days after week 1 day 1 shows them reversed. Is the first day different from all the others or is it a typo? If there is a typo, which is correct? Thanks

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