Dr Oz: South Beach Diet Cheat Foods & Gluten Sensitivity Symptoms


Dr Oz: Symptoms of Gluten Sensitivity

Dr. Oz sat down with Dr. Arthur Agatston, creator of The South Beach Diet, to share fast diet tricks to help you lose weight and keep it off. They included the best time of day to go to the grocery store and healthy alternatives to high-calorie condiments. Plus, get the list of South Beach Diet Cheat Foods.

Dr Oz: South Beach Diet Healthy Snack Ideas

Dr. Oz’s next guest, Elizabeth, is someone who lost 125 pounds following The South Beach Diet and she shared her favorite fast diet trick that helped her to achieve such great weight-loss success. Believe it or not, that trick is to eat away your hunger. Elizabeth told Dr. Oz if you get to the point of feeling hungry, you will get yourself into trouble. She shared some easy snacks that include a fruit or vegetable combined with a protein to keep you satisfied throughout the day.

  • Apple slices spread with peanut butter
  • Grape tomatoes wrapped in string cheese
  • Apples with cheese spread and almond slivers

Dr Oz: South Beach Diet Cheat Foods

One of the most common questions Dr. Arthur Agatston gets asked from dieters is what “cheat” foods can you eat without feeling like you are really cheating? Dr. Agatston shared a few ideas depending on whether you prefer a crunchy food when you cheat or need something sweet to satisfy your taste buds. He says to pick one day a week and treat yourself to any of these cheat foods.

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