Dr Oz: Sprayable Protein & Liquid Amino Acids Spray Review


Dr Oz: Sprayable Protein Review

With marketers trying to pack more protein into anything and everything possible, Dr Oz wanted to take a closer look at the latest concoction. Sprayable protein is now available in stores all over. Could it be the answer to weight loss and more energy? They have zero calories, but what’s the catch?

Dr Oz: Protein Spray

Essentially, what sprayable protein is, is liquid amino acids put into a spray bottle. They’re sold in liquid or spray bottles. As nutritionist Kellyann Petrucci explained, we need amino acids to build protein in our body and we need protein to build muscle. Liquid aminos don’t come from an animal product, which means it’s vegan-friendly.

Dr Oz: Protein Spray, Liquid Amino Acids For Weight Loss, Energy

Dr Oz took a closer look at sprayable protein or liquid amino acids, to learn more about the possible health benefits. (anokarina / Flickr)

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