Dr Oz: Sriracha Hot Sauce Boosts Metabolism + Morning Breath Method


Dr Oz: Sriracha Hot Sauce Burns Belly Fat

Have you ever wished you could just zap away your belly fat and get rid of it forever? For most of us, belly fat is embarrassing, but Dr. Oz has his own concerns about belly fat if you have too much of it. He explained that the fat cells in your omentum, or belly fat, actually release chemicals into the body and cause harm to your organs, so it poses major health risks. Dr. Oz revealed some easy ways to shrink down this most dangerous fat!


  1. graciela bruhn says

    como se llama en argentina y donde se consigue,quiero probarla debe ser cierto en cuanto un medico lo dijo gracias

  2. vick says

    Hola. La compré hoy en el barrio chino de Buenos Aires. Se llama igual, fijate en la góndola donde están las salsas agridulces y demás.

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