Dr. Oz: How to Stop Drinking Diet Soda Forever & Addicted to Diet Pop


Dr. Oz: Dangers of Diet Soda

Dr. Oz talked about how to quit diet soda. Recent research has shown that diet soda can cause more harm than good. As a result, soda sales are down, major fast food chains are taking out all the soda from their kids meals, and 86 percent of people on Dr. Oz’s website said they’re trying to quit drinking diet soda. You definitely don’t want to miss Dr. Oz’s plan to quit drinking soda on the next page!!!



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    I have been drinking nothing but diet soda for 50 yrs. I want to give it up but do not like coffee or tea. Plain water doesn’t have much taste. I do not want the side effects of withdrawal and don’t know if I can do this when everyone around me drinks it. Please give some advice

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    I used to drink diet soda. Now that I do not drink diet drinks, when I do drink one, I get a migraine and a stomach ache. I prefer water. Squeeze juice of a lemon or lime in your water and add a few drops of liquid stevia to sweeten it. Try bubbly water like Pellagrino and add the lemon or lime and stevia. Eat your sweets instead of drink them. I drink coffee every day, but if you don’t like coffee, try green tea maybe give it a try. I have added a daily Shakeology to my diet and it has helped curb junk food cravings and I have no desire for any soda pop, regular or diet. What is Shakeology? find out here shakeology.com/lisabellison

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