Dr. Oz Stop Late-Night Cravings with Pine Nuts & Pine Nut Crisp Recipe


Dr. Oz: Stop Late-Night Cravings

Dr. Oz talked to three women who struggle with late-night cravings. Their names were Gardenia, Crystal, and Sandy. Their families turned them into Dr. Oz asked for help. Gardenia’s husband told him she leaves crumbs in the bed.

Gardenia said that said craves sweet things like chocolate, cookies, and cake. She also purposefully leaves crumbs on her husband’s side so she doesn’t have to sleep in crumbs. Crystal’s friend turned her in, upset that Crystal eats all of her potato chips. Crystal said she loves potato chips and can’t stop eating them. She eats them all when they watch football together. Sandy’s sister complained that Sandy has been having late-night cravings since they were kids. Sandy said she loves cereal, but she’ll eat anything at night. Salty, sweet, or crunchy.

Dr. Oz: Pine Nuts Stops Cravings

Dr. Oz Stop Late-Night Cravings with Pine Nuts & Pine Nut Crisp Recipe

Dr. Oz talked about ways to stop late-night cravings, all involving pine nuts, which help suppress hunger. (JIANG HONGYAN / Shutterstock.com)

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