Dr Oz: Stress Eating & Emotional Eating: 4 Step Plan for Stress

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Dr Oz: Stress Eating & Emotional Eating: 4 Step Plan for Stress

By on December 17, 2010

Dr Oz did a segment on Stress Eating and Emotional Eating to try and help a wonderful lady named Tamika.  Do you ever feel like stress is eating at you?  Doctor Oz’s guest gained 40 pounds in just a year and has been overeating to compensate for stress.

Dr Oz: Stress Eating

Tamika said that she does not like she sees when she looks in the mirror – it is not her, it is someone else.  She gained 100 pounds when Dr Oz Emotional Eatingshe was pregnant with her daughter 16 years ago, and now she commonly puts on 10-15 pounds a year.  When she is happy – she eats.  When she is sad – she eats.  She said that she feels herself getting more and more unhealthy and her knees even hurt when she walks from all of the weight.  At Tamika’s last doctors appointment, she was told that she must lose weight or she will be at high risk for having high blood pressure, cholesterol, a bad heart and arthritis.  Tamika said that the worst part is that her daughter imitates her and she does not want her to be overweight and unhealthy at 16 years old.  She said she was scared to find out her numbers because she is worries it might be something bad that she really would not want to hear.

Dr Oz asked Tamika why she is self medicating herself with food.  She said it makes her feel good.  When she is by herself and feels emotional, snacks do not talk back to you.  Last year was tough for her because she started out thinking that when she went to grad school and got her master’s degree that she would have everything figure out.  But she graduated, got laid off and now she cannot find a job – which makes her sad so she eats.

Dr Oz asked Tamika if she could change just one thing, what would it be.  She said she would be a better example for her daughter, because she does not want her to be overweight or to get Juvenile Diabetes.  Tamika’s job is Social Work, so she helps people to help themselves.  This is another reason why she cannot stand in front of them being unhealthy.

Dr Oz: Emotional Eating

Dr Oz wants to help Tamika, but first he got her to step onto the truth tube and here are her results:

Dr Oz: Tamika Truth Tube Results

Weight – 280 pounds

Waist Size – 50.5″ and waist size should be half of your height

LDL Cholesterol – 101 and should be under 100

Blood Sugar – 99, so Dr Oz told her that she is a candy bar away from being Diabetic

Dr Oz told Tamika that she is not too far gone yet and that everything is still reversible, but she must control her own destiny.

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