Dr Oz Sunflower Oil for a Flat Belly, Yerba Mate Energy Tea & Drinks


Dr Oz Sunflower Oil Flattens Your Belly

Dr Oz’s show on June 28, 2012 is about Flat Belly Foods, Energy Teas and answers the big question – Do Energy Drinks Work?  Doctor Oz played a game of Jeopardy to teach us about foods that flatten bellies like dark chocolate, sunflower oil, yogurt, olives and almonds.  The most surprising food was in the final Jeopardy category called Flower Power when Dr Oz said that Sunflower Oil not only helps to flatten your belly, but also helps to unclog your arteries.


  1. Robyn Reede says

    How confusing — before Dr. OZ said to throw out the Sunflower oil
    Dr. Weil shows you the items that don’t belong in anybody’s pantry – and what to replace them with
    Dr Oz and Dr Weil says throw out the corn oil and sunflower oil, they are polyunsaturated oils that are chemically unstable, they oxidize quickly and the products oxidation promote inflammation, increase cancer risks, these are not healthy oils. Dr Weil says he would throw out the sesame oil as well, he only keeps the roasted sesame oil which is dark coloured. The light coloured sesame oil is a no because it is another polyunsaturated fat.

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