Dr Oz: Superfoods to Fight Exhaustion: Rainbow Trout & Beef Tenderloin

By on April 16, 2012

Dr Oz: Best Proteins to Power Your Body

Dr Oz gave a list of Healthy Breakfast Cereals, but what about if you want superfoods to help fight off exhaustion (yes please!!!).  Are you tired and exhausted all day long? On today’s show, Doctor Oz shows you the best proteins to help power your body. From the butcher to the produce aisle, Dr Oz shows you the healthiest proteins that will recharge your body.

Dr Oz Farmed Rainbow Trout & Wild Alaska Salmon

Dr Oz spoke about foods to prevent exhaustion like soybeans, Farmed Rainbow Trout & Wild Alaska Salmon.

Did you know protein can raise your metabolism and promote muscle growth? Doctor Oz challenged 3 fans to go shopping for the best power proteins. He sent them on a mission to find the healthiest proteins at the fish market, the produce market and the butcher shop.

Dr Oz: Wild Alaska Salmon Prevents Exhaustion

Doctor Oz says one of the best fish to help power your body is the Wild Alaska Salmon. (The audience member picked salmon, which of course was another fish on Dr Oz’s healthy list.) Wild Alaska Salmon is inexpensive and has a great taste.

Dr Oz: Farmed Rainbow Trout Fights Exhaustion

Farmed rainbow trout contains vitamin B12 and has a lot of omega 3s. (All Dr Oz Fans know that Omega 3s are the healthy fat you want in your diet.) Farmed Rainbow Trout has a slightly different taste than salmon, but it’s affordable and good for you. (What more could you ask for?)

Dr Oz: Beef Tenderloin Prevent Exhaustion

Beth, a Dr Oz Fan, was assigned to the Butcher Shop. She chose a huge slab of beef. (Think the final scene in the Flintstones credits.) She told Dr Oz that she had teenagers and went for the biggest piece of meat she could find. Needless to say, this was a wrong choice!

Dr Oz says beef tenderloin is a great source of protein for meat lovers. Because it’s tender, you can digest it readily. For maximum benefits, eat beef tenderloin only 1 or 2 xs per week.

Dr Oz: Soybeans Fight Exhaustion

Jill was assigned the produce aisle and picked Granny Smith apples. That was wrong. Doctor Oz says soybeans (edamame version) are like chips so kids’ll eat ‘em up—literally! Take the bottom of the bean and squeeze the edges until the bean pops out. They’re delicious and nice and crunchy.

Spinach Prevents Exhaustion

Dr Oz says half the calories in spinach are proteins. (Hmm, didn’t know that!) Spinach contains folate to help make new cells. Spinach also contains iron, which helps to keep the body pumping.

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