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Dr Oz: Ultimate Swimsuit Slimdown

It’s time for bathing suit season…again! But this time, you’ll be ready! With Doctor Oz’s Ultimate Swimsuit Slimdown, you’ll look and feel like a million bucks in any bathing suit, regardless of problem areas.  Dr Oz shared a Swimsuit Slimdown Drink and Salad Recipe, plus a cellulite lotion called Aminophylline Cream.

Dr Oz Swimsuit Slimdown

Dr Oz’s Swimsuit Slimdown Show gave a slimdown drink recipe to have your body swimsuit ready in no time!


  1. says

    I would love to try the Dr. Oz: Swimsuit Slimdown Salad Recipe, but I’m from a rural community that doesn’t have a whole foods store. Where can I find dandelion greens? Love Dr. Oz!!!

  2. Lynda says

    Dr Oz, Where can I find Dandelion Greens. Could I find them at trader Joe’s. I do not have a Whole Food Store in the area.

  3. Haley says

    If you can’t find dandelion greens at your local grocer, why don’t you ask your grocer to carry dandelion greens? 🙂

  4. Tammy says

    Due to medication I cant drink grapefruit juice. Could you use any other juice and it still be effective?

  5. Becky Bauer says

    I take blood pressure and thyroid medication. Is the grapefruit slim down drink o.k. to have with this medication?

  6. MaryLou says

    I can not have grapefruit because of my Zoloft, is there anything else I can use in its place that will give same benefits as the grapefruit juice?

  7. Heidi says

    I have the same question as MaryLou. I’m on a statin for my high cholesterol and can’t take grapefruit. I HAVE loved the other Dr. Oz drink with green tea, tangerine and fresh mint but I’m getting bored with it…

  8. Dana says

    I tried the drink today (And loved it!). My question is… are you supposed to drink that much before every meal, or do you mix that and drink that one mixture over the course of the day. If you make it for each meal, that’s a LOT of grapefruit juice! It took me 2 grapefruits to get to 1 cup. That’s like eating 6 grapefruits a day, which would add a lot of extra calories and sugar to the diet. Thanks…

  9. Kerry says

    Can you use canned or bottled grapefruit juice? Can I just eat the grapefruit with the vinegar and honey on it?

  10. Maria Elia Flores says

    Is it fresh grapefruit or bottles? common sense tells me fresh but need to be sure

  11. Shawny says

    I just want to correct one little tiny error, it is actually 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and not teaspoons

  12. Trisha says

    I’m interested in the answer to the question concerning drinking grapefruit juice while taking statin drug as I was told not to combine the two. Eager to get your response as I really want to give this a try…..I need to lose 30 lbs. Thanks

  13. alexandria says

    Dana- I buy the floridas natural grapefruit juice..its only 90 calories compared to the simply fruit brand or ocean spray. It will last you 4 days so you don’t have to squeeze fresh grapefruits 🙂 I just started the diet..thursday will be my 2nd week.

  14. Rachael says

    OMG, the drink is disgusting. I figured that since I liked all 3 ingredients, I could make it work, but I got about 3 sips in before I had to dump the rest of the glass. And someone saying it should be 2T of vinegar rather than 2tsp would make it even worse.

  15. Jamie says

    Does anyone have any results from doing this? I want to continue this diet, but the taste is NOT all that great lol, and if its not going to show results, I dont wnt to continue to force myself to drink it 🙂 Thanks!

  16. Cia says

    Can I substitute the grapefuit juice with something ealse? I am alergic to citrus. Thanks.

  17. Janet Landers says

    The recipe I got said you could use grapefruit, orange juice, or pineapple juice. It says to use 2 tsp of the vinegar and 2 tsp of the honey. Bet it’s better with the other juices!

  18. joey says

    i used orange juice and 2 tsp of apple cider vinegar….its not great but i get it down so far ive notice alot more bowel movements…..

  19. Dawn says

    I’m surprised Dr Oz would recommend this because the juice is so high in carbs! 3x a day would equal nearly 80 gms carbs!
    Also 17 gms of carbs in – tsp of honey x3 = 51 gms for a whooping total of 141 gms carbs a day!
    (Sorry, I’m a diabetic on insulin and count those carbs!)

  20. Carla Jo Peterson says

    I drink the acv with pineapple juice and honey and it is delicious. I was surprised when it said 2 tsp and 2 tb makes more since.

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