Dr Oz: The Grinch In Your Gut: Naughty or Nice Weight Loss Tips

Dr Oz did a segment called The Grinch In Your Gut where his assistant of the day was Santa Claus.  He spoke about the problem of having a big waist size.  Doctor Oz even wore a special set of red scrubs for today’s shows.  Did you like the red scrubs more than his regular scrubs?  Lets take a vote!  Leave your vote in the comment section below this article.  Dr Oz Spot Reduction

Dr Oz: Can You Pinch More Than An Inch?

Dr Oz said that if you can pinch more than an inch of fat on your belly, that is a problem.  One inch is normal, but your visceral fat is deep inside of your body on top of your organs, and this is the fat that is toxic to your body.

Dr Oz: How Big Should Your Waist Be?

Dr Oz said that a 50″ waist like Santa Claus is not good.  Belly fat is the number one indicator of toxic fat in your body.  Men’s waists should be under 40″ and Women’s waists should be under 35″.

Dr Oz: Omentum Fat

Dr Oz showed the omentum, or belly fat, of a slim person and another omentum of an overweight person.  If you have a big belly, then your omentum gets very thick – hence why it is the Grinch in Your Gut and the most dangerous fat in the world.  Dr Oz did a demonstration to show how fat cells get swollen as you gain weight and they release chemicals into your blood stream that can act toxic.

Dr Oz: Naughty or Nice List – Weight Loss Tips

1. Dr Oz: Decaf Coffee for Weight Loss

Dr Oz said that decaf coffee is good for weight loss (compare to caffeinated coffee), especially in people who are stressed.  People with a high level of stress release more cortisol, and caffeine only revs up your system even more so that you get more belly fat.  So, replace your caffeinated coffee with decaffeinated coffee during stressful periods.

2. Dr Oz:  Watching TV is Bad for Weight Loss

Dr Oz said that watching television, even Christmas movies, are naughty because 90% of people who watch an hour or more of tv every day fail at their weight loss goals.  So, while you watch tv make sure to do situps, pushups, run on an elliptical or stretch yourself out.

3. Dr Oz: Spot Reduce with Sit-Ups Don’t Work

Dr Oz said that Spot Reduction with sit-ups does not work, because you cannot spot reduce fat.  The only way to get rid of fat is through cardio exercise like jumping jacks, walking or taking a hike.


  1. Bah Humbug says

    I did not like Dr Oz’s red scrubs. They weren’t a true red (like Santa’s suit) so they looked like something a convict would wear in jail!!!

    BTW, I love this site! I read your recaps every day, even if I watch the show. Keep up the great work!

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