Dr Oz: Thyroid Thermometer Test for Sluggish Thyroid & Selenium Foods


Dr Oz At-Home Thyroid Test

Dr Oz shared ideas to help viewers Restart Your Body. He met three women who blamed their Thyroids for weight gain and loss of energy. They said they thought they were doing the right things, but they were still gaining weight. To help them and you, Dr Oz explained where the Thyroid is and what it does for your body. Then Dr Oz shared a home Thyroid test you can do to evaluate your health if you think you are at risk for an Underactive Thyroid. Check out his At-Home Thyroid Temperature Test and then get some advice about what to do for your Thyroid health, like getting enough Selenium from the Dr Oz Grocery List for Selenium Rich Foods!

Doctor Oz: Restart Your Thyroid

Dr Oz: Thyroid Thermometer Test

Dr Oz explained how to do the Thyroid Thermometer Test at home, before you even get out of bed in the morning.

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