Dr Oz Tips To Lower Your RealAge & Quit Smoking To Reverse Lung Damage


Dr Oz: Tips To Lower Your RealAge

Dr. Oz shared the RealAge Test that determines how old your body really feels as opposed to your age according to your birth certificate. He revealed questions from the RealAge Test as well as a way to figure out what type of ager you are based on your lifestyle and unhealthy habits.

Dr Oz: Flexible Body Equals Lower Blood Pressure

Did you know that people who live in Denver, Colorado are some of the healthiest in the United States? From hiking to biking and other activities that keep them active, Denver residents know how to stay healthy. Dr. Oz says there is a connection between flexible bodies and flexible blood vessels, which equates to a healthy blood pressure! How flexible are you? A Dr. Oz audience member shared how hot yoga classes have improved her flexibility and overall health, which might also be why her RealAge is 38 when her actual age is 41 (almost 42), proving that you can truly reverse the aging process by making small changes in your life.

Dr Oz: Is Lung Damage Reversible If You Quit Smoking?

Dr. Mike Roizen says to pick just one bad habit that you would like to change in order to lower your RealAge and start to look and feel young again. If you are a Bad Habit Super Ager (someone who smokes, drinks or does not wear sunscreen) Dr. Oz has a plan to help you improve your RealAge. To send a powerful message to a woman who smokes a pack of cigarettes every day, Dr. Oz showed her what a smoker’s lung looks like. It was black and filled with tar and chemicals from the cigarettes, which can lead to health issues like breathing problems and lung disease.

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