Dr Oz: Tony Horton’s Breakthrough Plan Reshapes Your Body & 90/10 Rule


Dr Oz: Tony Horton Clean Foods Diet

One of the most well-known fitness experts is back and Dr. Oz is excited to share Tony Horton’s Breakthrough Plan to Reshape your Body! In this exclusive visit he is going to reveal his brand new, never-before-seen program to transform your body. Tony says that he was a scrawny child who was not athletic, but suddenly he realized the benefit of eating healthy food and exercise and is now a one man fitness empire. He has sold millions of health products including books, DVDs, and he even offers a meal delivery service, all to help you get in shape. From celebrities to everyday people, Tony Horton has helped change many lives with his challenging, but effective program.

Tony Horton’s Breakthrough Plan to Reshape Your Body

Tony Horton says that while he is thrilled to have changed so many lives, he is sometimes bothered by the motivation for some people. He says he would rather people focus on the long term benefits instead of the more aesthetic reasons to lose weight like fitting into a black dress or looking good for a high school reunion. While he does not shy away from showing off his own body and how good it looks, he says he works out today because it changes the quality of his life today.

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