Dr. Oz Total 10: Berry Smoothie Recipe & Chocolate Almond Smoothie


Dr. Oz: Berry Smoothie

Dr. Oz talked about breakfast on his Total 10 Rapid Weight Loss Plan on the show. Breakfast on the Total 10 is all about smoothies. Dr. Oz talked to Alex, a busy hairdresser and mother of two who has lost seven pounds on the plan. She said she used to only eat whatever her kids left behind for breakfast. With the smoothies, she actually eats breakfast and it’s nice and healthy.


  1. Rhonda says

    doctor oz been trying to lose weight haven’t yet I seen your smoothie show on and I am going to try it but will it be good for meI get sick in the morning every time I wake up so I need something that will settle my stomach it is very weird I’ve tried and went to doctors to find out why I do it but if I don’t eat I’m not going to be able to lose my waitI’m 50 years old would you please comment on this and tell me what I can dothank you dr. Oz you are the best please

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