Dr Oz: Transformation Nation Finalist Vote for Million Dollar Winner

By on May 7, 2012

Dr Oz: Million Dollar Transformation Nation Finalists

You’ve heard about Dr Oz’s Transformation Nation-Million Dollar You! Maybe you joined and have followed the 7 steps to the Tee and lost weight and transformed your own life. The final day is approaching. With your help, Dr Oz will pick the million-dollar winner from among the following 10 finalists: Stella Ortega, Karl Nielson, Stephanie Lewis-Vance, Mercedes Moebuis, Michael Lamb, Sheila Haines, Sharona Sankar-King, Mary Ellen Brunaugh, Jen McElroy and Dawn Villanueva.

Dr Oz Transformation Nation Winner

Vote for Dr Oz's Million Dollar Transformation Nation Winner!

On today’s show, the 10 finalist were in his studio audience and didn’t even know who they were. Each contestant was called to the stage to explain how he/she transformed his or her life, which will help you decide the winner.

Dr Oz: Transformation Nation Finalists

Over one million of you signed up for Dr Oz’s Transformation Nation-Million Dollar You! Dr Oz partnered with Weight Watcher and ShareCare to help you lose over 3 million pounds collectively. By joining, you saved your life, and your family’s life! Now you might be able to win a million bucks! The search for the million-dollar winner is nearing the grand finale. Today, we took a look at the 10 inspirational stories to help you decide who will be the winner.

With Dr Oz’s blue ribbon panel of judges, that included America’s leaders of health and wellness, the 10 finalist were painstakingly hand-picked.

Dr Oz Transformation Nation Steps

Step 1 Tell a friend and build a support system
Step 2 Connect with your doctor
Step 3 Know your family history
Step 4 Get more sleep
Step 5 Cut your stress
Step 6 Get in Shape
Step 7 Know your BMI (Body Mass Index)

You can read a further elaboration of these seven steps here: Dr Oz’s Transformation Nation Plan.

Top 5 Finalists For Dr Oz’s Transformation Nation

Dr Oz had 10 envelopes containing the names of the top 10. As he opened them up and called their names, they had to come to the stage to give their inspirational account of how they transformed their lives forever.

Stella Ortega

1. Stella Ortega is a hospital employee who lost 45 pounds.

Karl Nielson

2. Karl Nielson is a 6th grade teacher who lost 88 pounds.

Stephanie Lewis-Vance

3. Stephanie Lewis-Vance is a mom who lost 48 pounds.

Mercedes Moebuis

4. Mercedes Moebuis is a mom who lost 36 pounds.

Michael Lamb

5. Michael Lamb is a father who lost 28 pounds.

Check out Dr Oz’s website to make your choice for the million-dollar winner!

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Comments to Dr Oz: Transformation Nation Finalist Vote for Million Dollar Winner

  1. Lucy Schupp says:

    I still think that Michael Lamb is a definite winner. Sorry for the others but somehow I feel there are faking in the name of $ 1,000, 000 price.

  2. Miriam Joycen says:

    Your site is not user friendly. Very frustrating. Looked around for 10 minutes to find what I wanted. Won’t be back.

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