Dr Oz: Transformation Nation Finalist Vote for Million Dollar Winner


Dr Oz: Million Dollar Transformation Nation Finalists

You’ve heard about Dr Oz’s Transformation Nation-Million Dollar You! Maybe you joined and have followed the 7 steps to the Tee and lost weight and transformed your own life. The final day is approaching. With your help, Dr Oz will pick the million-dollar winner from among the following 10 finalists: Stella Ortega, Karl Nielson, Stephanie Lewis-Vance, Mercedes Moebuis, Michael Lamb, Sheila Haines, Sharona Sankar-King, Mary Ellen Brunaugh, Jen McElroy and Dawn Villanueva.


  1. Lucy Schupp says

    I still think that Michael Lamb is a definite winner. Sorry for the others but somehow I feel there are faking in the name of $ 1,000, 000 price.

  2. Miriam Joycen says

    Your site is not user friendly. Very frustrating. Looked around for 10 minutes to find what I wanted. Won’t be back.

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