Dr Oz: Treat Leaky Gut With Intestinal Permeability Test & Probiotics


Dr Oz: How To Treat a Leaky Gut

Dr. Oz talked with a mother who believes she cured her son’s Leaky Gut Syndrome by making changes to his diet. He also shared the symptoms of a Leaky Gut and the triggers that can cause this disease that has been a mystery to doctors. Could you have a Leaky Gut?

Dr Oz: Intestinal Permeability Test For Leaky Gut

Dr. Oz introduced his audience to a group of women who are all on several different medications to treat various symptoms that also happen to be symptoms of Leaky Gut Syndrome. The worst part is that not only have none of these women been diagnosed with Leaky Gut Syndrome, but none of the pills any of them are taking actually help with their symptoms. Could they be suffering from Leaky Syndrome and not even know it? Dr. Oz gave them all the Intestinal Permeability Test to help determine if any of them might have Leaky Gut Syndrome because there are certain foods that should not be getting through the intestinal wall. The test involves a drink which includes small and big molecules. Dr. Oz explained that after the test is completed, the patient’s urine is tested to see how many of each size molecules were able to get through the wall of their intestines. He said if too many of the big molecules go in, then you probably have Leaky Gut Syndrome. Three of the seven women tested positive for Leaky Gut Syndrome and they were all a bit relieved that they can now treat it properly and get relief from their symptoms.



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