Dr Oz: Triple Your Fat Loss Diet Plan & Meratrim Supplement Review


Dr Oz: Triple Your Fat Loss Diet Plan

Today is a big day on the Dr. Oz Show because he is revealing secrets to triple your fat loss in just one month! He and his team have done the research and looked at the science and now they have come up with a plan that really works!

Dr Oz: Meratrim Supplement Review

Dr. Oz says his plan to triple your fat loss will block fat stores, burn fat after every meal, and activate calorie burning mechanisms in your body. The first step includes taking a groundbreaking new supplement that combines Sphaeranthus Indicus and Garcinia Mangostana, a flower and fruit fat-fighting combo, to form Meratrim, which is the name to look for on the label. Dr. Oz says to make sure the label states 100% pure to be certain you are getting the highest quality product. The supplement works to block and protect your cells, making it more difficult for them to store fat, but does it really work?


  1. Marilyn says

    I am confused about this step. Do I eat these foods for breakfast, lunch and dinner in addition to what I am eating regularly?????

    Dr. Oz says the next step in his triple your fat loss plan is to double your protein at every meal. He says to get rid of the simple carbs and replace them with additional protein, which will activate calorie burning mechanisms in your body. Here are some meal suggestions:
    •Breakfast: Eat eggs and yogurt together.
    •Lunch: Combine turkey meat and edamame over a bed of greens.
    •Dinner: Eat a cheeseburger without the bun.

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