Dr Oz Truth About Protein: Nuts Protein Content, Legumes and Dairy


Dr Oz: The Truth About Protein

If you have heard that steak, eggs, and peanut butter may be bad for your health, Dr Oz wanted to change that conversation despite new study findings that excess animal protein is bad for you. Get the Truth About Protein from Dr Oz.

Animal protein has been called worse than cigarettes, according to a hyped study. Other findings from a different long-term study show that protein lowers cholesterol and risk of heart disease. They are supposedly able to lower bad fats in the bloodstream.



  1. Sheila says

    Hi Dr. Oz, I have a problem with my hands.I burned them last winter with lysol not using gloves,my hands were swollen,so painful,i couldn’t bend my fingers without bleeding,then they got infected.I coldn’t even sign my name.I have used to much steroid cream on them and my shin is loose,my veins are sticking out!please help. I have urticaria,I almost died because i didn’t have insurance.I have a allergist now,i had h polori in my stomache,i have gastoral intestional disease,and i’m almost 56.Please tell me what i can do to get my hands the way they were,the skin on my knuckles are loose! They look like they are 80 yr. old hands.

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