Dr Oz: Two-Week Rapid Weight Loss Diet + Foods to Eliminate

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Dr Oz: Two-Week Rapid Weight Loss Diet + Foods to Eliminate

By on January 6, 2014

Dr Oz: Two-Week Rapid Weight Loss Diet

This is the year you finally win the fight over fat because Dr. Oz has the plan to blast fat fast with his 2-Week Rapid Weight Loss Diet! Dr. Oz says his plan is not just weight loss because he promises you will feel better in many other ways as well!

Dr Oz: How to Lose Weight Without Willpower

Dr. Oz filled today’s audience with fans who followed his 2-Week Rapid Weight Loss Diet and the results have been amazing! They have lost over 1,000 pounds combined and many report feeling better in other aspects of their lives as well, including feeling more confidence and better clarity. Dr. Oz says his diet is not only meant to help you lose weight, but also help fight and prevent disease, including Type 2 Diabetes. He wants you to stop beating yourself about not having willpower because losing weight and getting healthy is more about understanding the foods you put in your body and how they are tricking you.

Dr Oz: Step-by-Step Weight Loss Plan

Dr Oz: Two-Week Rapid Weight Loss Diet + Foods to Eliminate

Dr Oz says those who use artificial sweeteners increase their waist size by 70%, so it is important to eliminate them in order to lose weight.

Dr. Oz says if you follow his step-by-step plan you will lose weight fast and begin to feel better than you ever have before. It is easier than you might think and the results could be huge!

  • Step #1: Eliminate all foods making you sick and fat, especially wheat. Dr. Oz admits this is a hard step, but it is an important one. A woman who has been following Dr. Oz’s diet plan says she literally sees things more clearly since removing wheat from her diet and added that she has also lost 16 pounds!
  • Step #2: Eliminate all artificial sweeteners from your diet, including every one of those little pink, yellow and blue packets you use on a daily basis. Dr. Oz says those who use artificial sweeteners might believe they are the best option to lose weight, but in reality those people increase their waist size by 70%!
  • Step #3: Eliminate all sugar and alcohol from your diet. One woman who tried Dr. Oz’s diet and lost several pounds says that while the first 3-4 days was tough, she found that she felt great after that point and stopped craving the sugar that she loved so much in the past.
  • Step #4: This is probably the hardest step for many people because Dr. Oz says you need to eliminate coffee. Dr. Oz says that while black coffee is not bad for you, most people add sugar and cream which is what makes it unhealthy. He added it is also a trigger for many people, causing them to crave unhealthy foods.
  • Step #5: Eliminate dairy because it is a big source of inflammation, which leads to many health problems in the body.

Dr. Oz’s audience agrees that even though he asked them to give up a lot of their favorite foods while on his 2-week diet, it was well worth it for the results they saw.

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Comments to Dr Oz: Two-Week Rapid Weight Loss Diet + Foods to Eliminate

  1. What can I substitute for berries (all) and tomatoes?


  3. i could not find the chart either. please direct me

  4. i could not find the chart please help

  5. I could not find the chart please help

  6. Thanks to Pat Howard, I have been looking for 3 days. they should make it a lot easier for us who do not know the ropes!!!

  7. Any recipies for this diet? Can this be long term?

  8. Does anybody know what you do after the first two weeks? Also, are any seasonings other than ginger and sea salt allowed? Thanks!

  9. I would like to know if you have any veggie recipes to go with this diet. Do you have to have the detox soup and do you have to take a detox bath in order for it to work???

  10. Carolyne Adams says:

    Any recipies for this diet is this safe long term

  11. Jennifer George says:

    Started today and very excited to see the results in 2 weeks. Any suggestions or comments?

  12. Debbie Higby says:

    I have been on this plan now for exactly one week. I have now lost 5 pounds. I am starting to feel really good. Not so bloated anymore and I dont have cravings anymore. So far so good!

  13. I have been on this diet for 5 days now and have lost 7lbs. Getting off of the caffiene has been really tough, but I have done it this far. I was completely exausted the first 3 days, felt better yesterday and feel even better today. The only thing I can complain about is that my legs are hurting like crazy. I was wondering if its all part of the detox. Otherwise its great! I am feeling like im doing a great thing for me and my body.

  14. What do you do after two weeks? Reintroduce wheat or dairy slowly or what?

  15. Marilyn says:

    I just started the 2 week rapid weight loss diet yesterday. So far the foods are filling and not causing any discomfort. I had already given up wheat, coffee, sugar and dairy–mostly due to allergies.I was using organic and gluten free foods prior to this diet. I am like others that submitted comments, what do you do after the 2 weeks? Continue on with the same foods until you reach your goal weight? Mine would be to lose about 120 pounds and I think a conservative estimate would be over a year–hopefully less. I was excited about this diet because it does not require extra exercise. I am fighting with many bone and joint issues at present including arthritis, degenerative joints and bulging discs, all which make exercise entirely out of the question. I hope that with time and weight loss, exercise will eventually be a part of my daily routine again. An out of control thyroid is at the root of all my my weight gain and inability to lose it. I am currently on 200 mcg of Synthroid and have yet to see any results even after 1 year. Please let me know if I should continue on the same diet after the two weeks or is there another phase I need to go into? Thank you!

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