Dr Oz: Very Berry Banana Blast & Super Simple Sundae Recipes


Dr Oz: Healthiest Skinniest Sundaes

We learned earlier on today’s show about Superfoods to Fight Exhaustion and Healthy Breakfast Cereals, but do you have a sweet tooth?  Do you love Sundaes but don’t find the fat particularly pleasing? You’re in luck! A sundae can contain up to 2 full meals worth of calories, so on today’s show, Doctor Oz scoured the nation to find the healthiest sundaes. He picked 2 of his favorites and had the creators come on the show for a sundae showdown. With the help of Top Chef and “Talking With My Mouth Full,” Author Gail Simmons, Doctor Oz picked the winner! Gail told Dr Oz that she was looking for a creamy, delicious tasting sundae that had some texture.


  1. shirley fosnaugh says

    where can i get the cookie heaven cookies you had on your show today…4-16-2012?

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