Dr Oz Viewer Showdown: Apple Cider Vinegar & Portion Control


Dr Oz: Apple Cider Vinegar Breaks Down Fat

In a Dr. Oz first, he issued a challenge to his fans via his website, Facebook, and Twitter. He went on the hunt for the fans who best utilize his advice in their everyday lives. He and his producers received a huge number of submissions, but only three teams were chosen for the final competition.

Dr Oz Viewer Showdown

For the first time ever, Dr. Oz put out a challenge to his fans to see who best incorporates advice from his show into their lives. The prize for the winning team is a column on his website, so his producers carefully sifted through hundreds of submissions and narrowed it down to three deserving teams who would competed for the coveted “Purple Glove” trophy. While they are all very deserving teams, only one will win the first-ever viewer showdown and the prize of writing a column for Dr. Oz’s website

  • The Road Testers – Dorothy and Eileen swear they have tried every product shared on Dr. Oz’s show from products to food and everything in between.
  • The Energy Boosters – Cathy and Maria claim they have doubled their energy just by taking Dr. Oz’s advice and adding it to their life.
  • The Weight Loss Wonders –Liz and Dan lost over 250 pounds by following advice they have seen on Dr. Oz’s show.

Dr Oz’s Energy Boosting Drink

Fill a pitcher with Water, Lemon, Mint, Cucumber, and Ginger and allow it to sit overnight then drink throughout your day for steady energy.

Dr Oz Apple Cider Vinegar Benefits

Apple Cider Vinegar

Dr. Oz says that Apple Cider Vinegar works to break down fat and convert it to energy, so drink some every day for a natural healthy boost.

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