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Dr Oz: Life Line Screening Tests

Do you juggle around a million things with no time for yourself? (I know, join the club!) On today’s show, Doctor Oz surprised unsuspecting viewers by popping in on them when they least expected it. He decided to go undercover on the road to surprise people just like you and me.  He spoke about a Waist Size Test and a Blood Pressure Test, but the most exciting part to me was when he spoke again about taking White Bean Extract to eliminate fat.

Dr Oz: Waist Size Test

For his first visit, Dr Oz hit the circus. He went undercover as The Ringmaster but really just wanted to give the audience a surprise health test.


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    As Dr. Oz has mentioned, Hibiscus Tea can help lower high blood pressure. These flowers are rich in nutrients including flavonoids, minerals, and vitamin C. Consuming hibiscus tea not only can aid in lowering high blood pressure but also help reduce elevated cholesterol levels. Lowering high blood and cholesterol reduces the risk of heart attack, stroke and kidney failure.

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