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By on March 26, 2012

Dr Oz: Life Line Screening Tests

Do you juggle around a million things with no time for yourself? (I know, join the club!) On today’s show, Doctor Oz surprised unsuspecting viewers by popping in on them when they least expected it. He decided to go undercover on the road to surprise people just like you and me.  He spoke about a Waist Size Test and a Blood Pressure Test, but the most exciting part to me was when he spoke again about taking White Bean Extract to eliminate fat.

Dr Oz: Waist Size Test

For his first visit, Dr Oz hit the circus. He went undercover as The Ringmaster but really just wanted to give the audience a surprise health test.

Dr Oz White Bean Extract

Dr Oz spoke about taking White Bean Extract for fat prevention.

(I loved how thrilled the audience looked when they showed up at the circus and Dr Oz announced he was giving a health test!) He gave the entire audience a tape measure and told them to measure their waist size. Dr Oz says a woman of average height (5’ 4”) should have a waist size less than 32 ½-inches. Men of average height (5’ 10”) should be less than 35-inches. (The ideal waist size should be half your height.) Some of the women in the audience were 33-inches and some were 39-inches.

Jenn, one audience member who was at the circus, was disappointed with her numbers. She told Dr Oz that she was busy taking care of her kids and not taking care of herself like she should. Jenn is 5’ 8”, so her waist size should be 34-inches. Jenn’s was 44-inches. (For those non-math whizzes like myself, that’s 10-inches more than she should be.)

Dr Oz: Belly Fat Dangers

Belly fat is different from other fat in that it’s toxic because it makes and blocks hormones. Dr Oz had Jenn put on the purple gloves to show her fat in the belly. (It was a yellowish, chewy looking mass.) Belly fat can poison the liver when it grows up into that area and sends toxic chemicals into the liver.

Dr Oz: Belly Fat Causes

Stress is a major cause of belly fat. When we get stressed, we tend to eat more and that extra food can be stored in the stomach area. You can also get a fatty liver with belly fat, which can be extremely dangerous to your health. Cortisol (the stress hormone) also causes belly fat.

Dr Oz: Belly Fat Yoga Stretch

To reduce cortisol levels (stress hormone that causes belly fat), eat1 C spinach, which contains a healthy amount of magnesium.

Use a sound machine with natural sounds. Studies show that natural sounds can improve mood and reduces stress.

Do a 5-minute yoga stretch- To do the triangle pose, stand up, stretch out legs, reach arms out on each side. Lean slightly forward and bend over to the thigh (or calf). Open up the chest and reach up to the sky. (Remember to breath!)

Dr Oz: Pumpkin Seeds for Belly Fat Prevention

Snack on pumpkin seeds to prevent belly fat. Eat 1 handful before a big meal, especially a meal that contains plenty of carbs. The best part is that pumpkins are low in calories and taste great too!

Dr Oz: White Bean Extract for Belly Fat Prevention

White Bean Extract helps to reduce inflammation as well as slows down the conversion of carbohydrates, which slows down digestion. Take 500 mg per day before a big meal.

Dr Oz: Blood Pressure Test

Dr Oz visited San Francisco, one of the healthiest cities in America, to help save people’s hearts. He jumped onto a trolley full of passengers to test their blood pressure. (And they thought they were just going to work!)

According to Dr Oz, your blood pressure should be 115/75. Some passengers were at that level while others had blood pressure readings of 140/90. (This is the number where they start treating people.) One passenger, a paramedic, had a blood pressure reading of 150/110. (For those that don’t know, that’s stroke level.) Ted, the paramedic joined Dr Oz in the studio. Since finding out his bp numbers, Ted immediately made a doctor’s appointment for blood work and a stress test. His doctor started him on a low dose hypertension medication and he’s changed his diet.

Chanelle, another passenger on the trolley, had bp numbers of 150/100, which Dr Oz said was a number that could send her to the emergency room. Chanelle told Dr Oz that she knew she had high blood pressure because a few weeks ago, she tried to donate blood, but they wouldn’t accept it because her blood pressure was too high. She told Dr Oz that she’s a single mom with no health insurance so therefore never got checked regularly. Doctor Oz says that 1 in 3 Americans have high blood pressure.

Normal Blood Pressure Numbers: 115/75
Pre-Hypertension Numbers: 120-140/80-90
Hypertension Numbers: 140/90

Do you know your numbers?

What Does High Blood Pressure Do To You?

Brain- With high blood pressure, you can have a stroke. This can happen in 30-40year olds and not just older folks.

Kidney-With high blood pressure, you can have kidney failure.

Heart- High blood pressure can cause heart attacks because of the added strain on the heart. High blood pressure also damages the male organs and the skin.

Dr Oz: Blood Pressure Remedies

This method doesn’t work for everyone but can help a majority of people with high blood pressure.

Baby Aspirin for High Blood Pressure

We’ve heard this before. Doctor Oz says to take 2 baby aspirin a day, preferably at night

Dr Oz: Hibiscus Tea for High Blood Pressure

Drinking tea is relaxing way to avoid high blood pressure. Dr Oz said to drink 3 cups of tea per day and avoid caffeine, which can raise blood pressure.  In a previous show, Doctor Oz said to drink Hibiscus Tea for headaches.

The takeaway is to keep your blood pressure in check. If you don’t know your numbers, schedule a doctor’s appointment today to find out!

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  1. As Dr. Oz has mentioned, Hibiscus Tea can help lower high blood pressure. These flowers are rich in nutrients including flavonoids, minerals, and vitamin C. Consuming hibiscus tea not only can aid in lowering high blood pressure but also help reduce elevated cholesterol levels. Lowering high blood and cholesterol reduces the risk of heart attack, stroke and kidney failure.

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