Dr Oz: Weight-Loss Plateau Sundae & Marriage Proposal on Dr Oz

Dr Oz was joined by Dr Rovenia Brock to discuss surprising new ways to breakthrough a Weight-Loss Plateau, as part of Doctor Oz’s Move It & Lose It Plan and as part of Dr Oz’s Surprise Party.  Doctor Oz said that so far half a million people are losing weight in 2011 with the Dr Oz Move It & Lose It Plan.  But now that we are about half way through Dr Oz’s plan, many of us have reached a Weight-Loss Plateau – so what should we do now?

Dr Oz Sundae Recipe

Dr Oz asked Dr Rovenia Brock why people get Weight-Loss Plateaus and she said that your body gets used to fewer calories and exercise, so it starts to get lazy.  However, Matcha Green Tea Dr Oz Matcha Green Teais one great thing to push your body into gear to get over a Weight-Loss Plateau.  You can start everyday with a Breakfast Sundae Recipe made of low fat Greek yogurt, a banana, strawberries, unsweetened coconut, ground flaxseed and Matcha Green Tea.  Even Dr Oz said that he is convinced that Matcha Green Tea is a special secret ingredient that can help us with our weight loss goals.  Click here for the full recipe for this Sundae: Dr Oz’s Breakfast Sundae Recipe

Dr Oz: Eat Your Water

Dr Oz and Dr Brock said to eat your water, which means that you should eat high volume foods that are nutrient dense and have lots of water in them like fruits and melons.  You can eat lots of food and cut the calories at the same time.  One study showed that women who ate water-rich foods lost 33% more weight over 6 months than women on a low fat diet.

Dr Oz: Marriage Proposal

Dr Oz’s Surprise Show contained many surprises, but perhaps the biggest one was for Stephanie, because her boyfriend Joseph proposed to her on the Dr Oz Show!  How adorable is that?  She said yes!  Congratulation to the happy Dr Oz couple – Stephanie and Joseph!


  1. Ronald Moore says

    what a jerk dr. oz was to subject stephanie to a proposal from what appears to be a very creepy guy. a marriage proposal is a very personal decision not a publicity stunt.

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