Dr Oz Weight Loss Tea, Derriere Diet & Kudzu Root Butt Buster Brownies

By on June 25, 2012

Dr Oz: Kudzu Root Derriere Diet

You’re already eating a healthy diet and even exercising five times a week. So why can’t you seem to lose the added baggage in your backside? For years, we’ve been taught that you can’t target areas to lose weight, but on Dr Oz’s June 25, 2012 show, he’ll show you that you can with the Derriere Diet, delicious butt buster brownies and Kudzu Root. Toss out all those myths because Dr Oz will show you how you can get rid of the jiggly backside with proper diet and exercise techniques. It’s so simple, you won’t even feel like you’re dieting.

Dr Oz Weight Loss Tea, Derriere Diet & Kudzu Root Butt Buster Brownies

Dr Oz's Show on June 25, 2012 will discuss weight loss teas, a Derriere Diet & Kudzu Root Butt Buster Brownies!

Doctor Oz is joined by a team of experts who say that with proper nutrition and exercise designed specifically for your backside, you can slim down your posterior in no time. Look out bikini, here we come!

Dr Oz Weight Loss Tea

Are you looking to get healthy the natural way? On Doctor Oz’s June 25, 2012 show, he is joined by Homeopathic Doctor, Bryce Wylde, to discuss how to get healthy by skipping the pills and going the au natural route. He will talk about Dr Oz’s Weight Loss Teas like Bilberry Tea, Pu-erh Tea and Chickweed Tea. Find out which remedies will help give you energy and which solutions will cure common ailments. If you’re looking for all natural ways for you and your family to stay healthy, you don’t want to miss this show!
Bryce Wylde has been on Doctor Oz several times discussing his all natural remedies to those common issues, but on Dr Oz’s June 25, 2012 show, he’ll reveal the healthy alternatives to help you shed the pounds too.  Click on the following link to read all about the Weight Loss Teas.

Dr Oz: Coconut Palm Sugar

Hooray!!! Dr Oz is going to discuss how to incorporate Coconut Palm Sugar into your baked goods to make them healthier.  With recipes like Vanilla Coconut Palm Sugar Cupcakes with raspberry jam filling and a chocolate ganache, and a Coconut Palm Sugar Almond Chocolate Chip Blondie recipe, how can you go wrong? Click on the following link for the complete recipes: Dr Oz Coconut Palm Sugar Recipes.

Dr Oz Fat Blasting Spice Mix Recipe

And a double Hooray because Kristin in back! You’ve seen Dietician, Kristin Kirkpatrick on The Doctor Oz Show revealing how to get healthy with cheap alternative foods. Kristin has also shown you her best Dollar Store Deals. Have you seen the episode where she showed you how you can have your cake and eat it too? (I’m a cake fan so I loved that one!)

On Dr Oz’s June 25, 2012 show, Kristin is back on the Dr Oz stage to reveal which foods will help you lose weight and get into shape. The best part is—these foods are inexpensive and can target your problem areas. Skip the boring, tasteless lettuce or the yucky tasting soups. Kristin reveals the healthy foods that will have your tastebuds singing a happy song!

Dr Oz June 25 2012: In Case You Missed It

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